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旁白 ; 最早宇宙是一片渾沌時期 (我不知道要怎麼形容渾沌?因為Chaos好像是他的名字......?)


Uranus : Gaea O my mother , 我的出生是因為妳,而我和妳的關係注定是密不可分的 (Uranus是Gaea無性生殖生出的,Uranus又和Gaea亂倫並且不離開Gaea)

Uranus :妳想都別想 , 我討厭我們的孩子 , 我要把他們禁錮在妳的體內,讓他們永不見天日

Uranus : 你好大的膽子!竟敢這樣對待我,你的父親!我要詛咒你將也會被你自己的兒子給推翻!

Zeus : 我必須救出曾經被我父親給吞進肚子裡的兄弟姐妹

女神: 這瓶藥水給你,拿去要你父親喝下,他就會吐出你的兄姊了

Zeus :把這瓶藥水喝下去並且把我的兄姐給吐出來

Zeus :喝下去或者死路一條

Zeus: Hera 我的姐姐 漂亮的女孩 你願意嫁給我嗎?

旁白: Zeus是個很多情的人 之後不止只有和Hera在一起.....

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    旁白; The earliest universe is a piece of chaotic time

    Gaea O my mother, my birth is because of you, but I and your relations are doomed are inseparable

    Uranus: You want not to think that I dislike us the child, I must imprison them in yours in vivo, lets their never see the light of day

    Uranus: Your very big courage! Dares to treat me like this, your father! I must curse you also for to overthrow by yours son

    Zeus: I must rescue for was pouched once by my father in belly's brothers the sisters

    女神: This bottle of liquid medicines give you, takes away wants your father to drink, he will put out you the brother elder sister

    Zeus: Drinks this bottle of liquid medicines, and for spits mine brother elder sister

    Zeus: Drinks or blind alley one

    Zeus: Hera my elder sister's attractive girl you are willing to marry to me?

    旁白: After Zeus is a very full of affection person, continues only then with Hera in together .....

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