Is Lee Ann Womack's song "I Think I Know" the best country song you heard in many year? GAC, CMT where r u?


this is the best country song i've heard in years. the icons she talks about alone deserve a vid!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Lee Ann Womack has never gotten any credit her voice is almost perfect she writes good music she has never put out a bad album.Its just do to the fact that she isn't some teenage or 20 year old little blond that sings about stupid $*&% shes not a fake artist that they threw some songs at then put in plastic and sold for 20$ county music isn't country music any more

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lee Ann Womack has never gotten the attention she deserves! She is a true Country Artist, her sound is Country, her songs are Country, she appears to be a wonderful person and she has earned the respect from her peers. That alone says a lot about her.

    I hope the "labels" wake up and see what a great Country Artist Lee Ann Womack is! She deserves more!!


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