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Martin asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Which states contributed the most soldiers/money to the American Civil War?

On the northern side, especially, I'm curious about which states had the most volunteers/draftees to serve in the Union Army? Because of West Point and the size/population of the state, I'm guessing New York would have contributed the most? Maybe Massachusetts or Pennsylvania?

The south -- I'm pretty sure -- would be Virginia, right?

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    For the South you'd expect Virginia because it was the most populous state, but North Carolina had both the most men in the Confederate Army - 125,000 (more than there were registered voters) and the most dead Confederates of any state - 40,000. Virginians seized control of Confederate historiography after the war and have since fostered the impression that they fought the war by themselves. For example, "Pickett's Charge" did involve Pickett's Division of 4,000 men, all Virginians...but there were 15,000 troops in the charge, there were again more North Carolinians than Virginians, and troops from other southern states (SC, Fla, MS) were also involved. Pickett himself may not even have advanced at all, and, if he did, he went no farther than the Emmitsburg Pike, some four hundred yards from the Yankee lines - it depends on whose version of events you want to believe. But its still "Pickett's Charge" forever more due to the diligent efforts of revisionist Virginians to arrogate all glory to themselves.

    New York furnished 415,000 (46,500 died) Union troops, far more than any other northern state. Pennsylvania furnished 320,000 (33,000 died), and Ohio 310,000 (35,500 died). Then Illinois 257,000 (35,000), Indiana 195,000 (27,000) and Massachusetts 125,000 (14,000).

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