Close-mindedness, Homosexuality & Religion?

Personally I am for gay rights in the U.S. what I do not understand how people are labeled close-minded for disapproving of gay marriage. My parents do not approve of gay marriage because they are strong Catholics. I do not see how they are close-minded for sticking their religious beliefs. They do not follow the bible perfectly, but who honestly in the 21st century does.

Explain to me how disapproving of gay marriage is close-minded.

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    Their minds are closed because they are trying to force their religious ideas on non-Christians. I don't remember anyplace where Christ went into a town and said... You will do it my way. He offered but never forced.

    Also, if their minds were open they would be able to see the context of same gender sexual relations in the Bible and understand that they were not speaking of homosexuality. There wasn't even a word for it at the time in the Hebrew and Greek languages! That is how uncommon it was! The fact that no Prophet, or Jesus or the 10 commandments mention same gender sexual relations means that the writer was speaking of something common at the time.

    Do you know what was common at the time? What the writers knew their audience would understand when they spoke of same gender sexual relations? Sex to worship a fertility god! That was common at the time for people to have sex with anyone and everyone including animals to insure a fertile harvest! This was even a practice that was seen in the courtyards of the fertility gods!

    Sodom and Gomorrah were not about homosexuals. It was about greed, inhospitality, and unspecified sexual immorality. I would say butt raping a couple of angels would be an unspecified sexual immorality. It said all the men showed up to have sex with the two angels. You can bet the entire town was not homosexual in nature and even if they were, they were not there to have a monogamous loving relationship with these men.

    The Bible has been misused and abused to push homosexuals that God loves away from Him! He will have something to say about that in the end days. Yes, your parents are closed minded for not really looking at the scriptures and only accepting what the priest tells them.

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    The topic of Gay Marriage in America is very sensitive, therefore some homosexuals/bisexuals are hurt that people can't "open their minds" or "see from their point of view" when it comes to getting married. Now, while the homosexuals and bisexuals are thinking that, whatever religion that is against the marriage is disagreeing. Neither side is correct, for, both statements are opinions. So really, the label "Close-Minded" is just a label given to the religious, because a certain group of people are offended by another groups beliefs.

    It is the GBLT Community's OPINION that The religious group is close-minded (I am not speaking for anyone personally.). Therefore there is no need for anexplanationn for howdisapprovingg of Gay Marriage is "Close-Minded"

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    I'd rather avoid the question of whether your parents are open- or closed-minded.

    But consider this.

    Don't all human beings have a right to love, to hold and be held by someone they cherish?

    And if one is homosexual, then one is strongly drawn to love someone of the same sex.

    Many times, they find the companionship, joy, warmth, safety and mutual support they seek in someone of the same sex, and build a life together.

    Shouldn't that relationship be protected by law, so that such a couple may visit each other in hospital intensive care, may inherit from each other, and may benefit from each others' health plans?

    Whether you call that "marriage" or not is beside the point. The fact is that until 2003, in many states, same-sex relationships were illegal and people were put in jail for the "crime" of love. That is just wrong. A life partnership deserves respect and recognition. That is what we are asking.

    By the way, whatever the civil law calls "marriage" has *nothing* to do with what your Catholic Church calls holy matrimony, as you surely must know! The Catholic Church has its own annulment process and does not necessarily recognize state marriages or divorces.

    Since that is the case, why are your parents so worried about what the state calls "marriage"? Your own Church ignores the state rulings on marriage anyway.

    @ Starr: be real. Would you be happy if you were told you could *never* marry the person you wanted because it was illegal? Remember the days when blacks could not marry whites -- was that right? Sheesh.

    And state laws have *nothing* to do with what a church allows or not. Even if your church would not allow a same-sex union, mine would. Please let us be.

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    Close-mindedness means not listening to and evaluating other options/ideas/perspectives.

    You can be open-minded and against gay marriage; "open-minded" is not a synonym for "I agree with/accept everything". What open-mindedness *is* is an unbiased attitude to approaching a topic in order to form your opinions and stance on it.

    Most religious people do not take that stance- they instead believe whatever their holy book or church or reigning ideology tells them. And that's fine- I get it, and the whole faith thing. But that is necessarily a close-minded perspective (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way, only a descriptive way). Their minds are closed off from other religious beliefs and other views on homosexuality, which I assume, due to their religion, they have not given any other consideration.

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    They are not necessarily closed-minded, but they are ignorant of the Constitution. The 1st Amendment guarantees that the government will not establish a religion or favor one over another. The 14th Amendment guarantees that all citizens are equal under the law. To use their Catholic beliefs as a justification for laws that deny gay people the same right to marry their partner that they enjoy violates both principles.

    It really is just that simple.

    EDIT: 9121 - the question is, why do you cling to that definition of marriage as the only 'true' one. Isn't it really, deep down, based on religion?

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    Gay marriage is wrong as stated in the bible in corinthians 6 that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

    you are right lots of people don't folow the rules of the bible today, but every human has a weakness and if we ask for forgiveness we will be forgiven, so if gays remain gay and ask for forgiveness they weill be granted it, but they don't want to because they feel it is right, the same goes for all the others who do wrong, we must ask and we will be forgiven.

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    Your parents aren't closed minded I think homosexuals are closed minded because they expect for everyone to accept their lifestyle and that's not going to happen. Even if the law allows them to marry how many churches will allow them to hold their weddings there? None in my area...

    I agree gays should have rights but they have to face the music people DO NOT have to accept homosexuality...

    Source(s): @ micheal A my point exactly they legalized black/white marriage but guess what... there are people who still don't accept it... and marriage of the different races isn't forbidden in the bible. It's fine if they get married at the courthouse but the churches in my area will not allow it and yes I live in the bible belt.
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    It is close minded because it is refusing to see something they do not understand and judging a feeling they ignore because of a religion they choose to not argue with. That makes them illogical and close-minded.

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    The ones against Gay Marriage, Are mostly christian.

    Due to them claiming the bible says against it.

    Didn't god great everyone EQUAL?

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    Religion is not the only reason why people oppose same-sex "marriage"

    And simply believing in the true definition of marriage, one man and one woman, does NOT make one closed-minded at all.

    "Isn't it really, deep down, based on religion?"

    Well, religions have since all gone their own ways. And secular society at large has adopted marriage as the basic building block of the stable family unit.

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