What do you think of the names we have picked out?

I am almost 21 weeks pregnant with baby #6 who is a little boy and our first boy.

♥ Boy names:

* Brayden Troy

* Jason Rowan

* Hunter Troy

* Rhydyn Troy

* Rhydyn Alexander

* Landon Rowan

* Landon Troy

* Hayden Troy

* Hayden Alexander

* Dominick Troy

* Parker Chase

Please pick your favorites from our list and feel free to mix and match with the names from our list. thanks and no rude answers

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  • Sailor
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    1 decade ago
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    Brayden Troy: I like the name Brayden but it's very popular, atleast where I live.

    Jason Rowan: I love the name Jason, it's such a great guy name. I like Jason Hunter or Jason Parker better than Jason Rowan though.

    Hunter Troy: Very handsome, I like this a lot!

    Rhyden Troy: I don't mind the name Ryden but I don't like the extra h in there. Ryden Troy or Ryden Alexander are strong names.

    Landon Troy: Very nice name!

    Hayden Troy: All the "aden" names are incredibly popular, but that may not bother you. I like Hayden better than Brayden, I think it would age better.

    Dominick Troy: Strong name but I've never really liked Dominick for some reason.

    Parker Chase: I love this name!! This flows perfectly together, great choice.

    My top three would be Jason Parker, Parker Chase and Hunter Troy.

    Nice list and congrats on #6!

  • 1 decade ago

    Top 3:

    Landon Troy

    Dominick Troy

    Jason Rowan

    Bottom 3:

    Rhydyn Troy

    Rydyn Alexander

    Parker Chase

    Favourite: Landon Troy

    Least: Rhydyn Troy

    Source(s): Congrats and good luck!
  • hunt
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    1 decade ago

    Hunter Troy. Dominick Troy. Parker Troy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Jason Hunter, Brayden Parker, & Dominick Alexander

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rowan Troy

  • 1 decade ago


    Hunter Troy - Hunter is my son's name :)

    Parker Chase

    LOVE Rowan, what about:

    Rowan Troy

    Hunter Chase

    Alexander Troy

    Dominick Alexander

    Rowan Chase

    Great names, these are my fave combos. Good luck & God bless!

  • Brayden Troy ------love it

    * Jason Rowan-------i love rowan

    * Hunter Troy---------love huunter just not troy

    * Rhydyn Troy -------- very cute

    * Rhydyn Alexander-------ehhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * Landon Rowan---------my favorite

    * Landon Troy--------no!!

    * Hayden Troy--------love hayden

    * Hayden Alexander--------eheh

    * Dominick Troy------very adorable just not with troy

    * Parker Chase--------i love parker not chase

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Jason Parker, Hunter Ryden, Landon Rowan, & Parker Chase.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh wow, congratulations! I respect you so much for having six children. Your house must be full of excitement! :)

    I really like:

    *Jason Rowan

    *Landon Troy

    Maybe for mixing&matching:

    *Brayden Alexander

    *Dominick Rhydyn

    *Chase Alexander

  • TX Mom
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I like Jason (my nephew) Joseph, it means healer.

    I would prefer Chase Parker to Pa Ch

    To pull of Alexander as a middle name, you need a strong first name. Jason Alexander--that's great.

    I don't like Troy, sorry. Parker's nice, though.

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