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psychics please answer this ?

who ill i take to my prom and who will i marry please answer this ? I want to know and if mystic answer this ? i just want to tell you im thankful for your help and i shift my ideas about my height thanks

my name is brandon lamarr dunn my dob is 4/24/92 and i was born 10:43 am at the christiana hospital in delaware and im a taurus

and could u describe my wife looks and my prom date look and tell me there name please

i know im young but im just curious haha please answer them though

one psychic said

Prom date:Red hair girl named Lisa with a blue dress, green eyes, 5'3.

Who you will marry:Blond hair girl named Anna, blue eyes, 5'2.

You will meet your prom date at a video game store and you will meet your future wife at a local park.

and if she is right when will i meet lisa like in how many months

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    go to www.phoenixanddragon.com

    They're a metaphysical bookstore with really good psychics. But they do charge (because they're good). I can't say they can give you names, but they can help you.

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    1) don't put your personal information on the net unless the person asks you specifically and you feel safe doing it.

    2) If you believe this person, I'd suggest that you look for your "partner" whenever you go to a video game store.

    3) some people can't answer this question unless they now you personally, and some can't pull the information from a hat.

    I suggest that while you search for your girl, look for girls that you think you might like and rely on instict. Not on what an unknown person tells you.

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    do you think your gonna find a legit psichic on yahoo? dude, sorry, but the person that told you that is bullshitting you. you decide what they're gonna look like. now go find someone

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    500 billion years because your gay

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    i predict you will drop out of highschool

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