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What color is the Wilson n5 force?

I know it looks like its red and black and white... but that red color is very odd. I have heard it is a very good racket and I know it's an older model so I don't know if back then they made those colors more shiny if you know what I mean... Here are some pictures...





I am thinking about buying this racket but I dont want to buy it if its a weird red color. the red is kind of like a really shiny almost orange color its weird. if you have a wilson n5 force could you tell me how that red color looks like in person?

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    i think you might want to go to a store and see the red for real. i myself think this racquet has the coolest glossy and champagne sparkling dark red (missing bubbles though). it is more toward dark red instead of orange. and yes, do not buy a racquet because of its look, but the feature might also amazed you:

    - wilson triad (separated frame and throat to minimize transfer of vibration)

    - large powerholes to enable free string movement

    - ncode material provide better frame strength

    better yet (i think), try the KFive98 or KFive108. they are the improved version of the n5 Force series. the additional technology is the Konnector - suspended side grommet to further reduce frame vibration.

    hope this helps :)

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    it does look red but you shouldn't buy a racquet because of its look. if it is a good racquet then you should get it.

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