Is there any particular origin of names you seem to be drawn to?

I think I've just recently started being drawn to Irish names. I'm going through a list of Irish names right now at, and I'm finding I actually like more than I thought I would. I think I sort of used to think of them just as those names with those absurdly odd spellings, I never realized there were so many nice Irish names! I think I may be adding an Irish name or two to my favorites list sometime in the near future.

So, is there any particular origin of names you seem to be drawn to? In general? How about lately?

Thanks! :)


Oh, I love that some of you have listed examples! Yes, feel free to do so! :)

Update 2:

Lianne ~ Thanks for all the lovely suggestions! I appreciate it. (Absolutely non-overwhelming, just helpful! lol)

Update 3:

Amazing answers from all of you! They were so interesting to read!!! :D

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    I'm Irish, but I would never used an Irish name! They're just so common here! that's not to say that I don't like them. Just think of the most common, over-used names in your country and how sick you are of hearing them... that's the way I feel when I hear Aisling (ash-ling), Aoife (ee-fah), Saoirse (seer-sha), etc..!

    However I love when I hear that other people like them. I really like to see people use Irish names (it makes me strangely proud in a way...! :S)

    Some names I love are French, Italian, English. I basically love any classic names, but also have a penchant for anything thats not overly-used. So some names that I like such as Bethany, Abigail, Charlotte, I have been told "these are so common"! But they aren't over-used here in Ireland, they are quite uncommon.

    If you're looking for any other Irish names here are a few (mostly the names of people I know!)

    Sinéad (shin-aid); Ciara (keira); Siobhán (shiv-awn); Tara; Bláthín (blaw-heen); Caoimhe (keeva); Fiona; Roisín (ro-sheen); Niamh (neeve); Áine (awn-ya); Gráinne (grawn-ya); Caitríona (katrina); Caoilin (kwee-lyn); Cliona; Clodagh; Fionnula (fin-ula); Nuala (noo-la); Sorcha (sor-sha); Orla; Úna (oo-na); Moya; Bróna (bro-na); Noreen; Colleen; Cara; Aideen (ay-deen); Aileen (ay-leen); Aoibheann (ay-veen); Deirdre (deer-dra); Éilish (ay-lish); Kerry; Muireann (mur-in); Lorna.

    Brennan; Brendan; Conor; Liam; Donal; Tyrone; Sheridan; Shea (shay); Seamus; Patrick/Padraig; Cathal (cahill); Colm (col-um); Collin; Barry; Eoin (owen); Enda; Stephen; Ciarán; Cillian (killian); Cian (kee-an); Brian; Connell; Cormac, Fergal, Fergus; Paedar; Declan; Darragh; Darren; Dermot; Desmond; Eamon; Fiachra (fee-uh-kra); Fionn (fyun); Kiernan; Kevin; Lorcan; Neil; Niall (nile); Oisín (ush-een); Óran (orr-an); Ronan; Shane.

    Best of luck deciding! Hope I didn't overwhelm you with all those names!

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    1 decade ago

    I'm in love with Irish names as well! Some of my personal favorites are Nora, Niamh, Siobhan, Saoirse, Keira, Alannah, Colin, Sean, Ian, Seumas, Aiden (LONG before Sex and the City and the subsequent skyrocketing of popularity), Dylan/Dillon, Evan, Patrick, Liam, Declan, etc.

    I'm also into Greek names such as Calista, Petra, Sophia, Elena, Alexandra, Emilia, Carine, Cora/Coralie, Alec, Alexander, etc.

    I absolutely adore French names for girls - Jacqueline, Charlize, Amelie, Adele/Adelie/Adeline, Clarisse, Elle, Elodie, Eloise, Elise, Emmanuelle, Gisele, Isabeau, Lucienne, Madeleine, Marguerite, Noelle, Simone, etc.

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    1 decade ago

    I've always been drawn to Irish/Gaelic/Celtic boys names, I think they're gorgeous, uncommon, and traditional al at the same time, which is just an overall win. Kendall is a Celtic name, but I could go on and on about my favorites, in fact almost all of my favorites and possible choices for future sons are Celtic! (Ciaran, Callum, Lachlan, Rowan, Tristan, etc.)

    For girls I love something shorter, traditional, and feminine, although its great if it has a very European feel to it, and has a lot of cultural influence. I'm drawn to names like that for girls, like Juliana, Athena, Antoinette, etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Irish names are stunning. :)

    I'm definitely most attracted to Hebrew names. Without even realizing, SO many of the names on my list are Hebrew... Name meaning is definitely interesting, so I'll look that up on a regular basis and find that...oh, look, it's another Hebrew name.

    I suppose I really adore the sound of the independent vowels in Hebrew names (like Lael, my absolute favorite name, is pronounced lay-el rather than layl...just because that's the way Hebrew names are pronounced, vowels individually... Like Beelzebub. Many people think it's "beelz-uh-bub" but it's accurately "be-el-zuh-bub"). They seem so soft and elegant to me, and I really love that. There's something about them that just feels comfortable for me.

    I also really love French names. I went through a huge French-name-obsession stage after finding out that my grandfather moved here directly from France... I suppose, in that moment, I felt...extremely French. haha, I'm really only a quarter French, but I do adore French names. Their sound is definitely a more obviously elegant sound... Feels much more royal, kind of more bold than Hebrew names.

    Very interesting question!

    -- Amy

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  • 1 decade ago

    For girls, I have always limited myself to Italian names. Among my favorites throughout the years have been:

    -- Alexandra/Alessandra

    -- Gianna

    -- Sophia

    -- Cara/Carolina

    -- Juliana

    -- Milena

    -- Natalia

    -- Matea

    -- Eloisa

    To me, these names are romantic and pay homage to not only my boyfriend's country of origin (his father is Italian, while his mother was from the Netherlands), but also to my favorite vacation spot. I had permanent goosebumps while visiting Florence last summer. I've never seen anything more amazing.

    For boys, my taste is quite bland compared to the frilly froo-froo feel of the girls' names. I like names that are widely accepted by Americans including Ryan, Hunter, Tyler, James, and Evan. The only two on my favorites list with a foreign flair to them is Dominic and Anthony, which lean a little more towards the Italian side. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yep... I LOVE Irish names, and also Greek and French names.

    It seems like every single name that I like is either Irish, Greek, or French.

    Callum, Colin, Brady, Cael, and Connor are the Irish boy names I like.

    I love Madeleine, Adeleina, Elise, Claire, Corinne, Elle, Esme, Helena, Juliana, Natalie, Noelle, Rosalie, and Vivienne. They are all French.

    Cathleen is an Irish girl name that I like.

    I love Alexander and Katherine, and they are both Greek.


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  • 1 decade ago

    In general I'm drawn to French and Hawaiian female names. I didn't notice this till a while back. I've always liked them. It's difficult for me to find one of them I don't like. It doesn't even matter how strange or uncommon it might be. As for male names I'm not so picky. I'm not partial to any specific origin at all. But I do like many male Irish names.

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  • Irish, Scottish, Italian are the big three for me with one exception and that's Jessie Rose! Jessie is Hebrew and means God is gracious! I like that. Jessie is located under Scottish girls names, too. It is a form of Janet and I have never been fond of the name Janet!!!! Go figure!!! It gets more interesting when you look up Jessica! Jessica is a "literary" name, possibly created by Shakespeare in "Merchant of Venice"...... Jessica could also be Hebrew from the name Iscah.....

    All in all, it's interesting to research names.... It really is.

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  • I'm really attracted to Hebrew names in particular, especially the Hebrew boy names. When it comes to female names I'm really attracted to anything european. Be it French, Latin, Irish, English, or whatever most of them sound so classy and elegant.

    Some Hebrew names I love:

    Leah, Naomi, James, Joseph, Daniel, Abigail, Timothy, Chloe, Andrew, Hannah, David, Noah, Gabriel, Levi, Elijah, Aaron, Benjamin, Jonathan, Sarah, Samuel, Jacob, Matthew, Thomas, Adam

    Source(s): Mom to David (2 yrs old). 17 weeks pregnant with either an Adam or a Naomi.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Before I even read the rest of the question, I was going to say Irish names. Love em! I just got an Irish name book and my husband and I were cracking up about all the spellings. How on earth does Niamh spell "neeve"???

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