Dadgummit. Can someone tell me where 1.7 INCHES is on an 8th marked 12 inch ruler?

where would the 1.7'' mark be on a regular 8ths-mark ruler (meaning there are 8 equally spaced marks that would make up an inch, like so: <<<==the bottom inches side).

i have an 8th marked ruler and a 16th marked ruler

So can someone tell me exactly where that mark would be? I'm having trouble with this... Thanks.


Hmmm.... i see... Thanks yall. i really appreciate it. I suck at math.

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    Each mark is an eighth, so we need to make a proportion of .7 (or 7/10) to (1/8)

    (7/10) = (x/8)

    10x = 56

    x = 5.6

    So it will be a little over half way between

    1 5/8"


    1 6/8"

  • Bobby
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    1 decade ago

    Obviously between 1 and 2 inches. 7 tenths of an inch would be 0.7 X 16 sixteenths.

    That is 11.2 sixteenths. Therefore look for a point slightly after 1 inch and 11 sixteenths.

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    1.7 Inches On A Ruler

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    it would be approx half way between 1 5/8" and 1 6/8"

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