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T-Lee asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Who thinks that Roman Polanski should be brought back to america and stand trial for what he did?

For anyone not familiar with this case Polanski had sex with a thirteen year chick,and then fled the country so he wouldn't do time.


To Cherry why do you think he shouldn't pay for what he did?

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    No, in fact I think it will finally be thrown out, as it should. Just my opinion. Perhaps not a popular one, but so be it. Though we would have been better off with the situation as it was.

    He actually fled the country after he made a plea bargain that was apparently rescinded by a corrupt judge who broke his promise of this deal. This, even according to the prosecuting District Attorney at the time. Watch the film...

    Polanski:Wanted and Desired.

    The victim herself has also said on camera that she has forgiven Polanski for the whole situation, and that she feels the Judge and media did more harm to her than Polanski ever did, and she even states that Polanski was not treated fairly by the courts. The whole legal situation around this case was a complete circus. From what I've seen and read, Polanski owes the American justice system absolutely nothing. He also was previously quite happy to stay out of the U.S. for the rest of his life, so he was no danger here.

    It is also of interest and great importance in this case that the victim has since given 2 totally different accounts of what happened. Both of which contradict her original testimony. While I certainly don't condone an adult having sex with a 13 year old. This case is far different from the average case. The fact that he was not on trial for 'rape' in the first place opens up a lot of questions. Far too many for this post.

    Anyhow, Polanski has always maintained that the sex was consensual. Consensual, but obviously still illegal in California. Also, their is strong evidence that the Mother of the victim and the teen victim herself were well immersed in the Hollywood scene/lifestyle. The victim, 13 years old was apparently no stranger to previous sex or drugs.

    I seriously doubt much of any thing will come of Polanski's recent arrest. In fact some reports are saying that all he may get in the end is his freedom to travel to the United States back again, after the case is thrown out. The Swiss authorities probably would have been doing the U.S a favor by not arresting him at all.

    You asked me, why don't I think he should pay for what he did? Well, #1, who is he suppose to pay this debt to? The American justice system? #2 The victim? As shady as she is, she has already said she has totally forgiven Polanski and has also stated that she does not believe it was rape. #3 He has certainly for many years been paying for what he did in the sense that he has not been allowed to travel to the United States since his flee in 77/78. Would you rather have him go to jail for a short time so you can help pay for the millionaires country club type imprisonment that he would receive? Gimme a break!

    To end this, let me just say that honestly, the 'Law' and what 'should be done' are two totally different things in my view.

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    He already pled guilty, there was no trial. He fled the country before sentencing.

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    Technically, the statute of limitations has expired on that case. But I do think he should be a man and take responsibility instead of being a coward.

    He wouldn't be in such a mess if he did that in the first place.

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    As far as i know he is being extradited back to the u.s to face trial. Innocent till proven guilty but if he did what he is being accused of he should be locked up! It has being alleged that he drugged and then raped a 13 year old girl. if that doesn't constitute him being brought back to face charges, guilty or not guilty justice is not being served. His name needs to be cleared or he needs to be locked up!

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