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whats the quickest way to learn the language of french ?!?

I am planning on going to France on a school trip for more than a week around April and would love to be able to understand some of the convos going on around me and be able to hold one.

how fluent could I become before April ?

I have a cd series that is fun to listen to and a interact pc cd that i can start to use.

any tips on how to learn efficientlyy ??

thank you sooo much im very excited :))

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    Take french lessons, with a teacher.

    The best way to learn a language is to speak it every day, preferably with someone who speaks well the language.

    So if you know someone that speaks french, be his friend!

    And everytime you want to say something in french but you don't know how to say it, don't give up. Ask someone or look it up in the dictionary.

    That way you will learn pretty fast and you will be able to at least understand what people say.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): I was born in France. I had to learn english and spanich in the past few years.
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    Re: Probably Rosetta Stone. Be prepared to play

    You mean, be prepared to pay, I assume.

    You can become quite proficient in 6 months of study. You will need to plan for at least 30 mins a day, up to 60 mins a day. There are many good home study courses available, but ultimately you will need to do the work. Try and watch some French films, take one of the courses, give it time, and you will have "enough to get by, by" in next to no time.

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    Latin. Latin is the foundation of the entire romance languages, i.e. spanish, italian, and many others. It will support you in the end, in English, Grammar, and many others. True, this can be a lifeless language, in a single feel, however in lots of different methods, it is extremely residing and totally valuable. I feel it to be so vital that i've employed a train ago to coach my daughters. Both have had 2 yrs of Latin, the more youthful daughter is now within the scientific area, and mentioned it's useful to her. The elder daughter speaks 4 languages, and mentioned she might now not were so adept at overseas languages, had she now not had a history in latin. Think it over. You would possibly not remorse it.

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    Probably Rosetta Stone. Be prepared to play

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    Move to France

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    There is no quick way.

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