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What is the Lewis Hamilton conspiracy?

Did Lewis Hamilton deliberately throw the championship in his first year and if so how?


I said his first year you muppet

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  • GOD
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    1 decade ago
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    The answer is an obvious NO, the question that you should ask yourself is, why would he, it is a no brainer, why is there such a hate campaign against him? I have always thought that he was very courteous, I have never heard arrogance from him at all, he has always had good things to say about the other drivers, even those that criticised him, in fact I have always thought of Alonso as arrogant and it was Alonso that was the instigator of bad feeling at Maclaren, not Hamilton.

    Music fan.

    You have a really biased and untrue opinion of what happened during the Alonso and Hamilton season, firstly, Alonso assumed that he would get number one status with Maclaren, Maclaren have never had a number one driver, so it is not true that he was told he would be number one, Alonso thought that he would be able to go to Maclaren and show everyone how good he was, show the new comer the ropes and be the master, well, he did not realise how good Hamilton was, Hamilton out-drove Alonso for the whole season and all with the same machinery on equal terms, Alonso could not bear the humiliation of being shown how it should be done by the new upstart, that is what caused all of the problems between the two of them, the second point is, Hamilton was not just given one of the best cars on the grid, he was with Maclaren since he was a child and progressed through the racing ranks taking many titles, he proved how good he was long before he got the F1 drive and because he was so good throughout his young career, is it really such a surprise that he was also really good in a formula one car, I don`t think so.

    Another misconception, the Shanghai race 2007, he was instructed to stay out and make the tyres last for one more lap by the pit crew, it was not his choice, perhaps if he had a bit more experience at that time, he would have questioned the decision but remember, it was his first season, the only thing that I do agree with you about, is that he should have won the title in 2007 but it was not all his fault, he would now be a double world champion, just as Alonso is, who is the best of the two? well, look at 2007 again, same car, same strategies, same support from Maclaren, one a two time world champion, the other a novice in F1 with L plates on, who was one point off of winning the title? not Alonso, was it, a case of the student teaching the teacher here, I think and the facts back this up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The how would be easy if he did, by sliding off the road on the way to the pits in China. However the question would really be "why?"

    I doubt that anyone could provide me with a convincing reason as to why any driver would ever throw a world championship. Even vast amounts of money cannot be the answer. I say that because drivers drive because they want to win, the money is a very nice side effect as far as they are concerned. Being world champion will mean that the money coming to you will be plenty nice enough that even being offered tens or hundreds times more would be very unlikely to bring about a positive response. Perhaps the only other reason would be if his life or that of a family member had been threatened should he win. If you want to suggest who might be prepared to do that you're a braver man than me!

    So did Lewis throw the championship? No

  • 1 decade ago

    First, cupcake, I'd be very interested in seeing the source for your outlandish statement - and Spanish conspiracy theorists don't count for the obvious reasons! Or are we just dealing here with a Hammy Hater trying to stir up more bullsquash?

    Between the first two posts, I can't seem to determine where the greatest pile of BS lies. Do you honestly believe anyone would toss their chance to win a round (other than Nelsinho, maybe)? If so, you aren't following the same show as I am. They ALL want to win, even the Fisichellas, the Buemis and the other bottom dwellers want to win. Lewis throw a race? What have you been smoking, mate? First year or any year, that's just plain ludicrous.

    So, the concise answer is, there is no such conspiracy. And if there is, it is only in some peoples' demented imaginations...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What year are we talking about here? Hamiltons first year in F1 when he lost the championship by 1 point or last year when he won by 1 point.

    The question says first year but "haha love it" is talking about last year.

    Either way no one throws a championship. It's the ultimate payday.

    And as for glock helping out hamilton. Toyota would never have ordered it and i didn't think glock would have been aware of the situation he was in at the time.

    And if he did let hamilton through delibrately, i reckon only he would know it (maybe hamilton aswell now).

    But seriously use your common sense.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    The thing with Hamilton is this -

    straight away people disliked him for walking straight into one of the top cars on the grid and then he decides to call all the people in slower cars "monkeys" - not bright by him proving that he was above his station having just waltzed into the Mclaren squad by beating only Pedro De La Rosa (past it) Gary Paffet (test driver material / back marker at best) he carried on like he had won more titles than Schumi

    Mclaren also nicked some ideas from Ferrari ok not Hamiltons fault directly but he profited

    Alonso is the better driver and was the better driver at Mclaren in 2007 but the conflict of interests with Ron Dennis being in Love with Lewis and Alonso arriving on promises being made to him from the 2004 Brazil GP when Dennis first talked to Alonso its obvious to see that Ron said to Alonso he would be #1 even more so that when he arrived he was a double world champion having beating arguably the best guy ever to race in F1 i.e. Michael Schumacher

    Ron at the same time wanted to give his adopted F1 son Lulu all the help he could so of course there were fireworks which was fun to see for a Ferrari man like me

    As for how he lost the 2007 title well was a combination of his arrogance thinking he could run before walking by deciding to not use his brain and listen to Ron instead as he never questioned whether to come in or not during Shanghai 2007 so he wore his tyres through and lost his chance in Shanghai by skidding out on effectively no rubber having ripped his own tyre off through his driving style and not pitting and then a horrific strategy call from the Silver arrows in Interlagos due to again Lewis wearing out tyres far too quickly put him onto a 3 stopper instead of a 2 and he didnt go quick enough to make the three stopper and lighter fuel stints pay dividens so in the end he looked a total div for not walking away with the 2007 title

  • Lewis would have had a HUGE incentive to win the championship his first year as the publicity and his worth in future contracts would have been significant for winning the championship as a rookie. I can't see any way he would voluntarily give that up for anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    Newspaper report on it.

    Glock was running in fourth place on the final lap at Interlagos, ahead of Sebastian Vettel in fifth and Hamilton in sixth. Had he held that position, Felipe Massa would have won the drivers' championship.

    However, after choosing to stay on dry tyres, the German's pace dropped dramatically towards the end of the final lap, allowing Vettel and Hamilton to pass him.

    Formula One being the cynical sport it is, it did not take long for Hamilton's critics to suggest Glock had pulled over to let the McLaren driver through at the last.

    But Glock insists it was simply a tyre selection mistake that caused him to slow down so dramatically on the 71st lap.

    "It was a hard race," he said. "I tried my best to get some points for Toyota.

    "Six laps from the end I asked about the tyre situation and about the weather conditions, and I said every time 'I'll stay out, one more lap, one more lap' and at the end I stayed out for the whole race," explained Glock.

    "That last lap just cost us the chance to be in the top five, and in the end (decided) the world championship.

    "At the end I didn't give the title to Lewis – I think they worked for that the whole year, and Felipe as well.

    "They both did a really great job all year and in the end it was a dramatic finale.

    "I think it's exactly what the fans want to see – maybe the Brazilian fans are not on my side any more but I tried my best and drove my race, and in the end I can't change it."

    A number of Spanish newspapers carried comments from readers suggesting the climax had been fixed.

    "Question: who are Hamilton's friends in the paddock? Answer: Rosberg and Glock. Strange what happened, hey?" read one comment on the website of AS.

    Another reader of Marca wrote: "That was the biggest fix in the history of sport. Next year we will see the real champion."

    Hamilton is a hated figure in Spain because of his infamous row with Fernando Alonso, the former double world champion, while the pair were team-mates at McLaren last year.

  • Tilly
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I'm just about used to all the nonsense that people who don't like the guy propagate.

    But the suggesion that he threw away the championship is just plain idiotic. Why would he do such a thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Who needs conspiracy theories when we have actual events that are so interesting, Spy-Gate, Sex-Gate, Lie-gate, Crash-gate...with so many gates who needs a fence?

    Source(s): great rss feed for anyone who is interested
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