Why is there a holocaust for the Jew?

16 million Chinese civilians were killed during WWll and 12 million Soviets. Over 100 million Africans died during the slave trade. Vietnam war death toll reached 5 million in South East Asian.

Why is there no holocaust for them?

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    Executions in the holocaust were NOT from a war or about acquisition of power. They were slaughtered because they were considered to have been *inferior* to the Aryan *race.* It was the first time in history any people developed a mechanized system for extermination of innocent human beings -- fellow Europeans.

    Don't you imagine that God was crying out to His people to STOP the slaughter!!! No other culture in history has sunk to such depths of savagery. Unfortunately, European culture had negated Jewish law, including Leviticus 19:16 “Do not stand by while your brother’s blood is being spilled.”

    Deuteronomy 16:20 "Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue ..."

    “It has been told you, O mortal, what is good, and what the Eternal requires of you – Only this: to do justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:1

    “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

    If I am only for myself, what am I?

    And if not now, when?”

    Ethics of the Fathers 1:14 – Hillel

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.” British statesman Edmund Burke

    “Indifference in the face of evil is complicity with evil.”

    “To do no wrong is the first step to doing right!”

    “In a place where no one is human, strive to be human yourself.” Hillel, Pirkei Avot

    “Few are Guilty, but all are responsible.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

    Remaining passive in the face of human suffering is a sin against both man and the Creator. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    Benjamin Disraeli: “The Jews are a nervous people. Nineteen centuries of Christian love have taken a toll.”

    "Whoever is kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind." Midrash

    Few nowadays outside the lunatic fringes would use the word “Aryan” as a racial designation, but the same taboo does not apply to the equally tainted and misleading use of the word “Semite.” Even otherwise respectable writers and journals sometimes permit themselves such pronouncements as that “the Jews and Arabs are both Semites.” If this statement has any meaning at all, it is that Hebrew and Arabic are both Semitic languages!


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    Why don't you ask the Africans alive today, why they don't memorialise their lost ones?

    Why don't you ask the Vietnamese alive today, why they don't memorialise their lost ones?

    The Shoah - which is what Jews call the Holocaust of WW2 - involved the deliberate, grotesque, and uniquely mechanised extermination of SIX MILLION JEWS, purely because they WERE Jewish.

    When millions die during wars, yes, it's tragic - but nobody set OUT to wipe the Chinese OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH, DID THEY???

    You seem ignorant about the Holocaust in WW2, do educate yourself: http://www.nizkor.com

    War, is when TWO SIDES fight each other.

    The Jews were NOT FIGHTING the Germans - the Jews WERE Germans.

    As for the pathetic anti semitic posts that feature above - just proves that the hatred of Jews which LED to the Holocaust, still exists.

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    You are right in one aspect,it looks as if some people are more important than others,but the Jewish problem has an special aspect.

    Jews act as the scapegoats of Capitalism.As long as Capitalism exists Jews will have this role.You can argue, "but if they have support from USA", "but if they have a powerful lobby at Washington", yes, its true,but you are only considering some Jews, the rich ones.Let me tell you that Jews were banned from entry to USA during WWll.And thousands of Jews were killed at Buenos Aires ( Brazil) on 1976 by a military Government.

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    yes, it s true, but consider the NATURE of those deaths.... most of the non-jews were soldiers, they died fighting with guns in their hands. The jews were innocent families rounded up in the middle of the night, women and children, sentenced to death... the numbers arent a factor, its the INTENT that made it evil. The figure of 6 million was arrived at in a LOT of different ways.... my grandafther died in the 1980s, but there is NO DOUBT that the hardships, starvations, beatings and tortures he endured during the holocaust contributed to his early death.... is he a "victim"? should his death be "counted" it certainly isn't "collateral" damage... he just took longer to die of his injuries. Were the pregnant woemn counted as "two" of the "six million"? is an ESTIMATE... and a very "good" one, if not particularly accurate.

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    "Holocaust" is not some great tag line or medal or award given to groups of people who die. "Holocaust" is a word that defines a specific reason masses of individuals die, and the examples you give (China, slaves, Vietnam) simply don't fit that definition. God Bless you.

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    I guess because the Jews were specifically taken to death camps with the intention of them being killed or dying from labor.

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    It is called that because the sole purpose for the holocaust was to kill them, not use them as slaves, and not because of war. BTW the term "Maafa" means African Holocaust. That is what the Africans call the slave trade.

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    And why don't white and black Americans recognize the holocaust they committed on the original people living in what is now called America.

    Recognizing the Jewish Holocaust is important.

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    I think you have some terms confused. The term holocaust means a mass killing (prior to WWII). Are you asking for more mass killings?

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    Great question! Too bad I don't know the answer.

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