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The best of the rest tournament continues. Who would win the 05 Sonics vs the 75 Bulls?

Being that these tournaments are becoming my speciality I decided to start another tournament with 32 teams. I call it the best of the rest. It consists of teams that had strong seasons, but not champions or championship contenders. For instance you won't see the 90's Knicks teams in this because they were contenders throughout the 90's. None of these 32 teams won an NBA title. A couple got to the finals but were completely overmatched by better teams.

Today's matchup is 05 ROCKETS VS 84 KNICKS Below are the lineups. This is a great matchup, . Rockets have homecourt.



C - Jerome James - F/C Danny Fortson

PF - Reggie Evans - F/C Nick Collison

SF Rashard Lewis - F Vladmir Radmanovic

SG Ray Allen - G Flip Murray

PG Luke Ridnour- G - Antonio Daniels


C - Nate Thurmond- C Tom Boerwinkle

PF - Bob Love - F/C John Block

SF Chet Walker F Rowland Garrett

SG Jerry Sloan G/F Matt Goukas

PG Norm Van Lier - G Rick Adelman

Below is the full list of teams and first round matchups in the full tournament.

BQ - Which of these matchups do you want to see next.

1) 04 T’Wolves 58-24 DEFEATED 32) 94 Denver Nuggets 42-40

2) 89 Cavs 57-25 DEFEATED 31) 07 Golden St. Warriors 42-40

3) 97 Atlanta Hawks 56-26 DEFEATED 30) 94 Miami Heat 42-40

4) 01 76ers 56-26 DEFEATED 29) 76 Phoenix Suns 42-40

28) 93 Charlotte Hornets 44-38 DEFEATED 5) 08 Hornets 56-26

6) 90 Spurs 56-26 DEFEATED 27) 91 Golden St. Warriors 44-38

7) 09 Nuggets 54-28 vs 26) 67 San Francisco Warriors 44-37

8) 83 Spurs 53-29 vs 25) 05 Washington Wizards 45-37

9) 85 Nuggets 52-30 vs 24) 84 NJ Nets 45-37

10) 01 Bucks 52-30 DEFEATED 23) 06 L.A. Lakers 45-37

11) 05 Sonics 52-30 vs 22) 75 Chicago Bulls 47-35

12) 05 Rockets 51-31 DEFEATED 21) 84 NY Knicks 47-35

13) 07 Jazz 51-31 DEFEATED 20) 01 Toronto Raptors 47-35

19) 70 Atlanta Hawks 48-34 DEFEATED 14) 98 Hornets 51-31

15) 07 Cleveland Cavs 50-32 DEFEATED 18) 07 Chicago Bulls 49-33

16) 77 Houston Rockets 49-33 DEFEATED 17) 02 Celtics 49-


EDIT TO MNTWINS - Unfortunately for Nate he was traded in 74 to Bulls and Golden St. beat the Bulls in 75 with Thurmond on the Bulls.

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    Boy another good matchup that will be closer than the seedings make them appear. The centers are not as mismatched as they appear, since James seemed to go unnoticed for a long time. He will give the HOF center Thurmond all he can handle - not to mention James has a height advantage and will use it. Thurmond never let that bother him, however, and I do like the battle this produces.

    Where the Bulls will get an advantage for the boards and on defense is in the PF, where Bob Love was a BEAST. He was Mark Aguire before anyone heard of Mark Aguire - all belly and butt, but used them to his advantage. Not to mention a sweet scoring touch as well. He gives the Bulls an advantage up front for the power.

    Which is to offset the Sonics advantage at the other side and with the sharpshooters. Chet Walker was a very nice player, but Rashard Lewis was very dangerous at the offensive end. I would not discount the rules use in our tourney here, because both Walker and Norm Van Lier would take advantage of a 3 point line on the road games here. However, betwen Lewis and Ray Allen, who was on the top of his scoring game at this time, I have to give an edge to the Sonics here.

    Want another underappreciated PG? Try Norm Van Lier - he was the Chaucey Billips of the 70s - not a lot of fanfare, but knew how to lead a team, light a fire if needed and do whatever it takes to get the job done. His play makes the other advantages that the Sonics have not as great as it would appear.

    Overall, this goes back to the rebounding-defense argument, where I really like the Bulls - including someone who I ignored earlier, Jerry Sloan. If the Sonics sharpshooters get hot, they win this easily, but because I also believe the Bulls can knock some threes in the road games, I am calling for another upset special here - Bulls in 5, with Van Lier hitting the game winning 3 at the buzzer.

    EDIT: Question for TWAS - If my memory is correct, wasn't Thurmond on the Golden State team that won it all in '75?

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  • Robert
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    MNT had this one nailed. And a Mark Aguirre reference wow, dont make em like that anymore do they "LOW center of gravity" thats the Beer diet right there.

    Front court for the Bulls will just dominate over the Sonics. Ray would hold his own and then some. Rashard's never been a take charge guy.

    As for the backcourt Van Lier and Sloan were both 1st team All defensive team. In 75 Jerry made 1st and Norm 2nd team All D.

    Every starter for the Bulls was a Multiple time All-star. Not so much with all those Sonics.

    What would the Baketball IQ be for these 75 Bulls anyway? Sloan, Adelman, Goukas all coaches/analysts.

    Bulls win in 4 games and that might be generous.

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  • 4 years ago

    This matchup is the battle of the backcourt (significant edge to Wizards) to the battle of the frontcourt (significant edge to the Spurs). Even on the downside of his career, Gilmour could still battle under boards with the best of centers, and the Wizards certainly don't offer that here. I like Iceman's scoring, even if this is not the same Iceman who lit up the ABA. Jeffries was capable and might be able to match Gervin here for the scoring. And while Jamieson is a nice player overall, I would like Mitchell here as well for the defense and rebounding. The PG slot is probably the difference in the series here, because Arenas is a great playmaker, shooter, and even plays well defensively, something that is not recognized very often. I certainly believe he would be a better floor leader than Moore. Hughes would also be a dangerous scorer in this series. Finally, the Wizards have a big athletic advantage here - not because of the difference in eras, but because the best players on this Spurs team are all on the decline, but had enough left in them for a nice season. Gotta go with Washington on this. Wizards in 4

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    wow..tough choise..thurmond could handle james pretty easily. the low game of the bulls could dominate..the crushing picks of boerwinkle/ block. Walker was a killer in the block and love with that way over the head turnaround jumper...the physical style of the bulls was torture to the teams of the 70' have 2 of the premier defensive guards of all time..sloan/van lier taking Ridnour out of the game..allen is the X factor here...sloan was bowen like in his defensive efforts and you know how that effected allen..the seattle bench is better than the bulls...but Dick Motta could outcoach Nate in his sleep..Love dominates the sonic frontcourt..Thurmond blocks the inside...VanLier dominates Ridnour..Bulls win...

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  • RJW
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    1 decade ago

    2005 Seattle Supersonics

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    F U C K.

    I ******* typed this whole long thing and it ******* erased.

    Anyway, Sonics win in 5. Sorry.

    Main problem is the Bulls bench.

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