To Write Love On Her Arms Speech?

I have to write and present a speech for my English class on a free-choice topic. I'm going to talk about the charity To Write Love On Her Arms, but I have no idea where to begin. The speech has to be under 2 minutes, but I want to make sure I convey the purpose and relevance of the cause. What points should I talk about? What should I be sure to include? Any ideas please?

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    For a speech lasting less than 2 minutes you won't have much time to cover many points. May I suggest that you follow a simple formula to help you focus your efforts and ensure that your audience gets the message? Try this:




    The Position is a summary of what they stand for. The Action is a brief sample of the things they actually do. The Benefit is the good they do through their actions.

    As an example, let's say you are going to talk about the Save The Umbrellas Foundation (STUF).

    Position: STUF is a all-volunteer organization dedicated to halting the premature throwing away of useful umbrellas.

    Action: STUF engages in educational/promotional campaigns to raise awareness. They have umbrella adoption centers where unwanted umbrellas can be turned in, refurbished, and then adopted out. They also provide a toll-free hot line for people considering getting rid of an umbrella.

    Benefit: Through these actions, STUF is able to provide good homes for useful umbrellas and reduce the waste in our landfills.

    See what I mean? I think you can build an excellent 2-minute presentation based on this formula.

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