why they need to do back tapping?

what is the essence of back tapping after giving nebulization.

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    The tapping that you are talking about is called CPT (chest percussiong therapy). There are 4 ways that I can remember off the top of my head on how it is done. There is a vest that vibrates... this is really good for cystic fibrosis patients. They strap a vest around their chest and turn it to whatever setting they need, There are electrical percussors. You plug in the device and place it over the patient's chest. You go to one side of the chest to the other. Another method is by cupping the hands and tapping them on someone's chest. The last method is when the therapist hold a soft plastic round percussor in their hand and tap on someone's back.

    The reason for this to to break up the mucus in the lungs in order to make it easier for the patient to cough them up. Although this method (tapping on the chest no matter which of the 4 you do) has been proven not to be as effective as the flutter valve, some drs/ therapists still use it today. The flutter valve is a device in which you blow into and a little valve flutters back causing vibration in your lungs. It helps to break up the mucus much easier. This device is only used with people who are conscious and able to understand how to do it. For those who don't then the CPT is usually done.

    I have never heard that it relaxes spasms... I have known it to actually do quite the opposite.

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  • Rosie
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    it vibrates the chest cavity and helps dislodge mucus so the patient can drain and cough up anything blocking the airways.

    It also helps with relaxation of spasms.

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