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What is this language?

What is this language? French? Spanish? and what does it mean in


Als der Vater den Kindern verspricht ein Baumhaus für sie zu bauen, wird der Wunsch von der Mutter abgelehnt. Die Kinder sind enttäuscht,und dennoch findet Mr. Butman eine andere Lösung die Kinder ...


oh absolutely fantastic, how did you know about that is German?

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    This is Deutsch (German). The rough translation is:



    As the father promises the children to build a Baumhaus for them, the desire is rejected by the mother. The children are disappointed, and the children find something else for Mr. Butman...



    The last sentence is not complete in the original text...


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    It's German. That's as far as I know...

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    Its Germany !

    Do you need the translation in English?

    2009-09-29 20:01:59 補充:

    ~~~~~ how did you know about that is German? ~~~~~~

    Because I had learned a little German.

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