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What do you think of my fantasy team?

Qb. Aaron rodgers, joe flacco

Rb, chris johnson, deangelo williams, brandon jacobs, thomas jones

Wr, marcus colston, larry fitzgerald, deshawn jackson

Te, john carlson, owen daniels

Def, steelers, giants

Kr, gostkowski, elam

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    That all depends on if there's another team with better players. based on the fact that you have the steelers and giants, 3 rbs that should go in rounds1 or 2, AND fitzgerald, i'm guessing this is no more than a 10 team league. if that's true theres gotta be other teams at least this stacked. It's a very solid team, and if it's a 12 team league, it's a real good team.

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    Great team no matter what league you're in. Well done and good luck.

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