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Hi me and my family are going to disney world for 7 Days . What are some good money tips for souvenirs , and where are some good places to eat and which rides are the bestest . This is are first time to walt disney world however we have been to Disney Land like 20 times so we know about fastpasses and things like that . Oh and we are going from October 9 thru the 16 .Where fromPhoenixx where its like 105 Degrees In Late september so should we bring jackets? Thankyouhh (:

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    most sit down places really need adrs so get those ahead of time. i think right now you can start making them 90 days prior to your trip also buy a passporter. that book has everything in it about disneyworld. go too allears.net for everything else they have all the tips and advice you will ever need. i would bring a jacket just in case. also to save money is to save all your extra change and dollar bills it really does add up. and buy disney dollars from a disney store so you wont end up spending any money that you have saved. anytime you have extra money buy those. you can use them all over the park. when go to epcot make sure to go to club cool, they have different kinds of soda from all over the world. but i will warn you do not whatever you do try the soda beverly it is the worse thing ever. i would highly recommend to eat at the castle the foods good and its a lot of fun, the fairy godmother even shows up. some of the best rides are: the rockin roller coaster, tower of terror(and yes i know this one is in disneyland to but its still a fav), the great movie ride is a must, the ride in norway and the one in mexico at epcot are never to be missed those two are my favs, the haunted mansion(its different from the one in cali), expedition everest, theres just so much to do and so little time. have fun!!!

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    The t shirts and other stuff are quite expensive there, as you would expect. You can pick up some shirts at the Disney Store before you go, and get them out on the trip if you want to cut back on souvenirs. We don't tend to spend a lot on that stuff. Generally, one item each.

    If you plan to get character autographs, consider having them sign a Mickey Tshirt instead of a book. You need to have a marker, the shirt, and something like a magazine for them to write on. Fold the plastic shopping bag up in the center to keep the marker from bleeding through. You have to help them hold it tight. Really, it is simpler than it sounds. The idea is that you have a signed shirt that the kids can wear at the end of the week, and when they get home. The autograph books go in the junk drawer and are never seen again.

    A free souvenir can be found at The Magic of Disney Animation in Hollywood Studios. There is a room there where they take groups and teach them to draw a disney character. You end up with a drawing from each member of the family. It is a very cool souvenir.

    Sweat shirts and jackets should be taken just in case. We were there in December once, and had to go to Walley World one morning to buy hats and mittens.

    Have a blast. Wish I was going.

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    Always bring a jacket for at night.

    To save money on souveneirs, set a budget for each person before you leave and don't break that budget. If you see something you like but are unsure if you want to buy it, just wait until the next day to think about it but most of the gift shops have the same exact things everywhere in every park.

    My favorite places to eat are: Cosmic Rays, Sci-Fi, California Grill, Le Cellier.

    Best rides are: Space Mountain (closed until November 22nd, 09), Buzz Lightyear, Monsters Inc Comedy Club, Pirates of the Carribean, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Test Track, Soarin, It's Tough to be a Bug, Mickeys Philarmagic, Kiliminjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania and the Great Movie Ride.

    Source(s): Disney Veteran
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    Sci Fi theater in MGM. Great food, and sitting in the cars while eating is pretty cool. 50's Prime Time restaurant - great food and atmosphere. Just don't put your elbows on the table and use good manners, or you will see what happens! Chef Mickey's Character breakfast in the Contemporary - some people don't like the food here, but where else can you get Mickey and the gang to come right to your table for pictures and autographs. Fulton's Crab house in Downtown Disney - VERY pricey, but the food is more than worth it. Ghiradelli's chocolate shop - Do I really need to explain? Earl of Sandwich - good food that you can get very quickly. Best sandwiches around. Found in Downtown Disney. Casey's corner - Right on the corner at the Castle end of Main Street of the Magic Kingdom. Hot dogs with all the trimmings and it was never very crowded. Great place to grab a quick counter service meal. We ate at most of these places when we were there a week ago, and loved all of them. Hope this helps!!

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    Jackets: Naaah, maybe 1 just in case

    Money: Depends on what you want. Stuffed animals are $10-$15, t-shirts can be $8-$20.

    Dining: Wispering Canyons at Wilderness Lodge, Tony's in MK, Hoop-De-Do Musical Review in Fort Wilderness, House of Blues in Downtown Disney, and any restaurant in World Showcase, especially Germany's Biergarten but some restaurants require reservations

    Rides: Toy Story Mania in MGM, TeaCups in MK, Bus Lightyear in MK, I highly suggest you hit them all :D

    Source(s): A very experienced Disney-er........... who is 13
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    Usually no jacket/sweater but you might think it is cool compared to your weather, remember that we are a lot more humid than AZ. With 7 days you can cover a lot of things. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from depending on where you are staying at which park your going too. Hope this helps a little.

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    the best $20 i ever spent was the "Unofficial Guide to WDW" I think the author/company is Bernbaum.

    Good Luck - hop eyou have the bestest fun!

    btw - my fam loves downtown disney especially Disney Quest!

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    Best Tip: Bring twice as much money as you think your going to spend.

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