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who has read "The Crucible"..?

ive done a million questins and there a few left that i really need help on, can someone help mee ;]

-Why doesnt proctor want mary to go back to court?

-Why did Hale come to proctors house?

-What things are suspicious about proctor and his family?

-Hale asks elizabeth if she believes in witches..wats her reply?

-why does cheever come to the proctor house?

-significance of the needle in the poppet?

-what will happen to proctor if he tries to discredit abby?

-why doesnt mary want to testify about thye doll?

thanks so much!

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    hey okay me and my friend just did heaps of work on this in english. i can only remember some, but im putting effort in here, i expect points! :)

    -Why doesn't proctor want mary to go back to court.

    proctor does want mary to go to court and tell them the truth that abby and the girls are all lying and they didn't get possessed by spirits, so that his wife will not take the blame for the needle in the poppet amongst other things.

    -why does Hale come to proctors house

    hale goes around to all the villagers houses that have people who have been or will be accused of witchcraft, to determine for himself whether he believes the accusations are correct because he is starting to feel bad and thinks that things are getting out of hand and people aren't receiving a fair judgement.

    -what things are suspicious about proctor and his family

    they don't go to church regularly and they work on sundays (the sabbath day) because they don't like how the reverend associates everything with the devil and money and they believe he fails to address what is important, which is considered sacrilegious in this society built on theology.

    -significance of the needle in the poppet

    the needle in the poppet at Elizabeth's house signifies that she has been 'dabbing' in witchcraft, like voodoo, so they thought she was sending out spirits.

    -what will happen to proctor if he tries to discredit abby?

    abby has built up a story that has many people to back her up, and these legal proceedings with witchcraft aren't normal and it says somewhere in the crucible that this makes things different, because it is a supernatural thing there can be no evidence, only witnesses, which is where abby and the girls come in, so if he discredits her, she can bring all the focus on him, so that he will be tried in court for witchcraft, and later be hanged.

    -why doesn't mary want to testify about the doll?

    mary was going to testify that the girls where faking being possessed in court, because she herself didn't feel that she was, but she just got caught up in the moment and went along with it, but when abby started accusing her after she said she'd come forward, she wrongly confessed that proctor was making her say these things.

    hope that helps.

    Good luck :)

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