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homework help?!?!?!?!?

ok so for our class assignment we have to create a diorama (sorry, i think i misspelled this.) of a specific place in a certain time period, past or future. im having trouble deciding, so all i ask is to give me a few suggestions on what time period and what place i should do, i was initially thinking about something in the 1940's but im not sure what.

thanks to whoever answers this question :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    how about world war 2. we won it! and the first atomic bomb was dropped over heroshima and nagasaki japan. this was amazing! the navajo code talkers were essential in this war too.

    The holocaust! i suggest doing this! you have too! its so depressing and amazing. Hitler wanted all jews, handicapped people, gypsies and etc to be removed from the earth! 6 million jews killed. put in gas ovens, thrown in fires,beaten and forced to concentration camps to do hard labor.

    here is a time line i made


    Nazi Germany invades Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

    Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    The London Blitz begins.

    Thomas Wolfe publishes You Can't go Home Again

    The world's first helicopter takes flight.


    German warship Bismark sunk.

    Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and Germany and Italy declare war on the United States.

    Joe DiMaggio hits safely in 56 consecutive games.


    100,000 Japanese-Americans interred in camps

    America wins battles of the Coral Sea and Midway over Japan.

    British defeat Rommel at the battle of El Alamein.

    The Holocaust begins.

    Mahatma Ghandi arrested in India for demanding independence from England.

    Walt Disney releases Bambi.

    Enrico Fermi splits an atom for the first time.


    Japanese driven from Guadalcanal.

    Russians turn back the German army at Stalingrad.

    Italy surrenders, then declares war on Germany.

    Penicillin goes into common use for chronic diseases and streptomycin is invented.


    D-Day invasion of France launched on June 6.

    Rome liberated by allied forces.

    An assassination attempt on Hitler fails.

    President Roosevelt elected for 4th term.

    American forces hold at Battle of the Bulge.

    Jean Paul Sartre publishes No Exit.


    Vice-President Harry Truman becomes president after death of Roosevelt.

    League of Nations holds final meeting, and United Nations begins.

    Mussolini killed and Hitler commits suicide.

    War in Europe ends with German surrender. Berlin divided into four zones by Allies.

    Frank Lloyd Wright designs Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

    First Atomic Bomb detonated.

    Atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

    Japan surrenders and WW II ends.


    Nuremberg trials sentence 12 Nazi leaders to death.

    U.N locates permanent home on land donated by John D. Rockefeller in New York City.

    Dr. Benjamin Spock publishes Baby & Child Care.


    India gains independence from England.

    A U.S. plane first breaks the supersonic barrier.

    The transistor is invented by Bell Laboratories.

    Jackie Robinson becomes first Black major league baseball player.


    Ghandi assasinated.

    U.S. Congress enacts Marshall Plan.

    Israel comes into existence as first Jewish state.

    World Council of Churches organized.

    Long-playing record invented.


    Communist China formed as Chiang Kai-shek takes forces to Formosa.

    Republic of Ireland formed as independent nation.

    William Faulkner receives Nobel Prize for Literature.

    Journalist Miles Tager born in New York City.

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  • 4 years ago

    Homework is a soreness within the ***, however it is valued at it and the penalties of now not doing it are low grades, low self worth, hating institution, irritated moms and dads, and awkwardness round academics. The exceptional factor to do is simply DO the homework. Don't attempt to suppose, "I cannot..." or doubt your self - do just it! You have got to be clever approximately it, do the homework that's major first, go away the little matters for final, take common breaks, no consuming even as operating as it is distracting, NO TV till you're COMPLETELY performed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, what a task! So many interesting times and events that shaped our history!

    If you want one event that changed the course of recent life then I would say the atomic bomb drop on Japan. It brought the war to a close, it introduced us to the evils, and capabilities of atomic energy, and it shaped public policy world wide.

    Something not as dreary?

    Then the Wright brotehrs flight!

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