Disgusted by the people here...? (well some)?

I have a question. Why do so many people on here look down on teenage mothers?

If you have your life together and you are doing everything that you possibly can to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, why in the world are you still a bad person for getting pregnant while you are young?

I've seen abortion questions on here, and even if the girl is my age (16 or so) everyone tells her that she's sick if she has the abortion. But, if a teenage mother loves her baby and wants to keep it, people on here call them disgusting. What the heck is up with that? I mean seriously... does no one think rationally anymore?

Oh by the way, I'm 16 and 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl that I love with all my heart. I wouldn't take it back for the world, and no one is going to make me feel bad for keeping my baby. So fire away and explain all this to me please.


I'm sorry if my post offends anyone, but this is very hurtful to so many teenage mothers and it drives me insane!

I'm glad that I'm not the only one on here that feels this way.

Update 2:

Thank you and congrats on your baby! I cant wait until my little girl is here :)

Update 3:

Okay. I do have money. I have 2 jobs, going to school (homeschool so that I can take care of my baby), and my fiance has a job, takes care of me and everything that the baby needs. My parents have bought only what they are giving as gifts and we are well prepared to take care of this little one.

I agree that some teen mothers do not take responsibility and are immature, but alot of us are not like that. You only hear about the bad ones, and that makes us all look bad. It is unfair to all the teen mothers out there that have everything under control. I am not the stereotypical teen mother nor are alot of other teen mothers.. but no one realizes that so many teen mothers work hard to give there baby all that they need. So many older mothers are worse then teen mothers ever thought of.

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    i read the majority of the answers on here and a lot of them are saying " the majority of teen mothers are immature and can't handle the responsibility of raising a child" but if you take a look around, and you JUST go by Y!A because this is the senario in question "discusted by the people HERE" the majority of pregnant teens on Y!A are on here seeking advice on their pregnancies. I have yet to see a guestion on here that included a teenager asking " how do i get my parents to take care of my baby while i go and continue being immature" Fact is, that most pregnant teens on Y!A are looking for advice and support. - please keep in mind that i am not including the people who say"please help i think im pregnant" im talking about the ones who have confirmed their pregnacies.

    Becoming pregnant at a young age is a HUGE turning point.You realize that you're not living just for yourself anymore, and that you are responsible for someone else. But the people who say bad things to young parents/ pregnant teens refuse to see this.

    I don't know where You all live. or what the situations are like there, but where I'm from, there are a lot of teenage mothers. and the majority of them, live on their own in low income apartments. AND going to school ( for those who havn' graduated) that may not be ideal for you, but to them it's the only option they had, and it's really not that bad, they are supporting their children, and raising them to the best of their abilities. People need to cut young parents some slack, any parent no matter what their age are going to go threw some hardship.

    I myself an 18 and 31 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant at 17. I am lucky enough to have parents to want to support me and help me get threw university so that i can provide my daughter with more then what i could if i were to move out on my own. I have never been in trouble with the law, or used drugs, or slept around. My boyfriend and i ( the babies father ) are still together. and plan on raising a very happy, well mannered child. Becoming pregnant has deffinatly made me more mature. those of you who say " its the stereotypical teenage mom " need to take a look around, how many stereotypes are true.. i can't think of any. SO take your " oh she's a stereotypical teenage mom" and shove it. there's not such thing.

    Source(s): 31 weeks pregnant, and very upset that people are so stuck in their stereotypial world.
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    Most people look down on teen pregnancy because of personal moral beliefs and the main reason being that many teen mothers do not turn out to do the right thing and do not take financial responsibility for their children or any responsibility at all. Many have babies on purpose and for all the wrong reasons. Many do not finish school and live a life of poverty. Those are the teens you hear about and see more often then not. And many of these teen fathers end up not having any part of that childs life.

    Secondly it should not be accepted as something that is a part of our morals and society because then it is being encouraged and it is something that should not be encouraged!! With that being said i do not think many adults make good parents either but for them they have at least lived their childhood but pregnancy when you are not ready at all should not be encouraged. Parenthood regardless of age is difficult and as a society needs to be taken more seriously!

    I do want to say that yes some teen parents go on to live wonderful lives and are great parents who provide emotional and financial support to their children and they should be applauded.

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    Well, people might use some offending words. actually, why people feel bad is cause a baby is a big responsibility and you have to be mature enough to care for one besides having all the love in your heart. not just that, the baby needs and deserves the father's love as well and teenage pregnancy have high risks of break ups. The woman often find themselves alone and taking care of the child alone. It's the age to enjoy life, experience it so that you can give your child more knowledge. so, people react. But if you are expecting one, give it a lot of love. you'll have more energy to take care of your baby. best of luck. keep us posted on the gender of the baby.

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    Well, it is hurtful to call someone disgusting, but let's face it, the majority of teen moms are too immature to really care for a baby and accept all the responsibility that comes with it. There is a stigma around it because most teen moms don't understand what it takes, all the sacrifices they have to make, how incredibly hard it will be. Most think, "yay, I'm pregnant, I get a cute little baby to play with and now I can show my bf I really love him!" Ugh, I went to school with a lot of these girls and it did make me sick because I don't think that anyone should have a baby unless they are fully prepared for the incredible work and responsibility that comes with being a mom, especially a teen mom, when you are still a kid, going to school and trying to make it to adult-hood and their parents usually end up taking care of the baby themselves. That's the main problem with teen moms. But good for you for taking responsibility, but you are a rarer breed.

    Oh, P.S. I'm 20 and pregnant...not a teen, but pretty damn close.

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    I do rationally think about it and it is not a good idea for a teen to become a mum.

    She has no life experience, no money, no job, no education and her mother will probably end up raising the baby because the girl MUST go back to school. How is that fair on the pregnant girls mother? It isn't.

    I am not mean I am just stating facts. If you still think I am mean then you are definitely not ready to be a mum because you gotta have thicker skin than that to mother a child.


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    My sister who is 21 now had a baby at 16 and she is the most amazing mother, my nephew is an absolute darling,polite well dressed and is just lovely, I think it all depends on the individual and how determined they are to give there child the best they possible can, if your a good young mum then you are an inspiration if not then your to young to appreciate having a child and the fact that this is a life and its up to you how good you make it for that child, sometimes young mothers (just as it can be with older mothers) don't appreciate or understand this and its highlighted more cuz there younger.

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    I'm glad that you are maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Most teenagers are too irresponsible to deal with being a parent and the baby sometimes ends up being raised by the grandparents. That's why people are against teen pregnancy.

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    Don't listen to 'Gay Bag'

    I fully respect good teenage mothers. I think the problem people have is when teenagers go round sleeping with whoever not using protection and then bring children up to live in a council flat and go on to get in trouble with the police. I know that sounds really bad and you'll hate me for saying that, but that's what the 'stereotypical teenage mum' is.

    If teenagers are capable of bringing up a child, I think they can sometimes do even better than older mums.

    Good luck with your daughter. [: x

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    Congrats on your baby!!! I think that people have such an issue with underage pregnancy's because a. its not the norm b. because most of the girls that get on her and ask questions are immature questions. I had sex at younger then 16 and I knew what it could lead to. I did it anyways and with protection, but I knew where babies come from. I think its just the girls and some of the boys that come on here and ask some of the questions that they ask it just shows how immature some of the girls who are having sex are. I won't touch on the pro-life/pro-choice issue, because I feel strongly on it. But I don't believe anyone who gets pregnant is disgusting no matter what they're age, I just feel they need to be better educated before they spread there legs. AND I'm not blaming it on the girls, because they're are boys on here as well with some stupid questions. Remember boys, it takes two to tango, and if you get a girl pregnant your just as responsible as she is.

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