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Please rate and comment on these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

Alexander Scott (Alex)

Andrew Thomas

Bennett James (Ben)

Christopher James (Chris)

David Christopher

Jonathan Thomas (Jon)

Matthew James (Matt)

Nicholas Ryan (Nick)

Shawn Thomas

William Allen (Will)

Zachary Daniel (Zach)

Please rate and comment on them. MOST DETAILED ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!


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    Alexander Scott- ahh i like alexander bec you can shorten it to alex. i like scott too, ha it sounds sexy and romantic ;)

    Andrew Thomas- i like andrew bec you can do something cute like &drew to shorten for like texts and myspace, ha :) Thomas is ohk, but i dont like how it can be shortened to Tom. It sounds too plain and doesnt really make sense.

    Bennett James- I dont really like Bennett. it sounds too old age, like olden times. its like not from this time. James is a good one. it sounds mysterious and sexy and kind of dangerous :) like a sexy vampire lover that comes into your room at night an steels you away to make youu his goddess of darkness. yeeeaaahhhhhh i likkeee thattt nammee ;)

    Christopher James- Christopher is a good name, but it sounds real relighousy. i am very religious but idk i just dont like it that muchh. Chris for short is good though :)

    David christopher- David is cool too but it sounds religious again. It sounds kinda strong, but like he'd be weak and thin.

    Jonathan Thomas- i like jon because you can shorten it an becaus its a good teenager and kid and adult name. like "hey jon give me that book" or " oh jonnn yourr the best ive ever had ! " ha imm jus kidding :)

    Matthew james- i like matthew because matt is a cute name. like "hey matty matt matty"

    Nicholas Ryan- I dont really like the name Nick. ive had bad issues with people with that name. not all nicks are bad. but alott of them are ttouble makers. Ryan- i looovvee the name Ryan :) its so unique and sexy and sounds like a strong hunky football player with a nice sports car and amazing eyes :)

    Shawn Thomas- i love shawn. its also a unique name. i like it bec you dont see most people with that name. it gives off a hunky skater who is great in life and cares about his family and friends an girl friends :)

    William Allen- personally i dont like either of these. will reminds me of will smith (that sexy hunk :) ) and allen sounds like that furniture company.

    Zachary Daniel- I absoulutly love the name zach :) its like a sweet boye who only wants to be loved and acccepted but still wants to persue his dreams and have a great life. also he can be a douchebagg :)

    Daniel is ohk. i Like how it sounds, but its too close to dannile, i always get them mixed up !


    jus my own personal hint- i absolutly adore and love the name Luke :) it reminds me of star wars and its a name you never ever ever see. theres this cutte guy named luke in my class, ha too many girls are already after his butt. dayummmm. haha lol. hope youuu liked it :)

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    Alexander Scott: Cute. Scott is a good middle name.

    Andrew Thomas: Would you call him Andy? Drew? Or Andrew? Gives a lot of options for nicknames.

    Bennett James: Awesome name, sounds professional and successful.

    Christopher James: I'd change the middle name to John. I think it sounds better, and more creative.

    David Christopher: I've never been a fan of Davids, just too common I guess. Sounds good with Christopher, though.

    Johnathan Thomas: Cute, but better for a toddler instead of a teen/adult.

    Matthew James: Too biblical, in my opinion. But if you like those kind of names, then go for it.

    Nicholas Ryan: I know somebody with this name, and he's not nice. So I just have a bad opinion of this name because of that. Haha.

    Shawn Thomas: I'd spell it Sean. But whatever. Good name.

    William Allen: I've never been an "Allen" person, you should change it to something like William Kennedy.

    Zachary Daniel: Awesome. To make it interesting, you should spell it Zakary.

    That's just some input... =]

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    Alexander Scott (Alex)-- I like it! (7)

    Andrew Thomas-- Good too, but a little serious. (7)

    Bennett James (Ben)-- Really good (8)

    Christopher James (Chris) REALLY good lol but a little generic? (8)

    David Christopher top 3 (9)

    Jonathan Thomas (Jon) its ok...~ (6)

    Matthew James (Matt) i love this one! id totally use this! (10)

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick) another good one (8)

    Shawn Thomas also a fave but id change shawn to sean..(10)

    William Allen (Will) its ok...~(6)

    Zachary Daniel (Zach) realllly good!! (9)

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    I like Jonathan Thoams, Zacary Daniel, Alexander Scott, and Christopher James.

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    Aaron - 5: I definitely have in no way liked that which you would be truthful I placed it as a 5 Jack - 7: i like very classic straightforward call Taylor - 5: I definitely have consistently thought Taylor became right into a women call Hudson - 7: I definitely have in no way heard this call yet its lovable and distinctive Vance - 5: i think of that Vincent is plenty greater perfect then Vance Theodore - a million: I dont have a remark for this call indexed here are a pair different names in the adventure that your fascinated Jonathan, Elijah, Anthony, Jordan.

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    I Looove the name Alex! Not really Alexander, but the name Daniel is kinda cute; id prefer it as a first name.

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    i think like a couple of them but i put 4 and 8 together (Chris Ryan)

    n i think that is a nice name

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    alexander leeland but scott is nice too

    jonathan thomas

    zachary daniel

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    Wellburt Hung (Well)

    Richard Head (Dick)

    Harold Beaver (Harry)

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