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How often does 0bama talk to his Afghanistan commander, General McChrystal?

The military general credited with capturing Saddam Hussein and killing the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, says he has spoken with President Obama only once since taking command in Afghanistan.

"I’ve talked to the president, since I’ve been here, once on a VTC [video teleconferece]," Gen. Stanley McChrystal told CBS reporter David Martin in a television interview that aired Sunday.

"You’ve talked to him once in 70 days?" Mr. Martin followed up.

"That is correct," the general replied.

As an ex-military man, Bush was on the phone at least weekly for updates.

With Barry's extensive military and executive experienc.... oh, wait... he doesn't have any.... So, meanwhile Barry waffles on Afghanistan (his "good war"), screws around with Chicago Olympics, ignoring the ACORN scandal. showing his big ears and toothy grin 24/7 on TV....

Is that what you expect from a Commander in Chief in war time?

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    Well remember all the Military General who resigned under Former President Bush. Perhaps now the chain of commend is seamlessly provided with Secretary of Defense Gates, who will directly report to President Obama. In addition; don't forget that Bush set up the previous President of Afghanistan based upon his oil connection to UniCal. That crook recruited from the his own prisons. Perhaps this explains why Bush was on the phone without rest.

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    Forget what you are tol by the media. You can be sure Obama speaks to General “Pistol” MacChrystal, on a daily basis. Last week the LA Times reported Obama had ordered 700 extra intelligence staff into Afghanistan to organize the next surge. Which will probably mean doubling the 74,000 contractors already in the Afghan theater. The only way Obama can control next years poppy crop is to replace regular troops with armed contractors. Which you should be aware was always the Bush- Cheney Plan for “poppyland”.

    A recently leaked CIA report revealed President Hamid Karzai's old pal Muhammad Qasim Fahim has his own Russian made transport plane that regularly delivers tons of heroin to his old pals in the Kremlin. Karzai has ring fenced himself with brutal warlords like Fahim, all of who are accused of war crimes and industrial scale drug trafficking.

    At the time of the 2001 invasion Fahim was a commander of the Northern Alliance - who the media portrayed as the good guys because they fought the Taliban. Mr Bush gave Fahim tens-of-millions of Tax Dollars, in cash, to back the USA. Fahim used eight-million to buy his Russian cargo plane that fly's tons of heroin into Russia and returns stacked with cash.

    Like Mr. Bush Mr. Obama will do nothing to stop the drug trade. On the contrary Mr. Obama will ensure Karzai and his pals produce ten plane loads of heroin, for his administration, for every plane load that goes to the boys in the Kremlin.

    BTW . As Mr. Bush prepared to invade Afghanistan, 20 years of CIA evidence naming Karzai and Fahim as the key players in the Afghan drug trade was either lost or buried.

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    Afghanistan is unwinnable, and we should probably pull troops out ASAP.

    Also, the article makes a BIG mistake saying he is petitioning for the 2012. summer games.

    "On Monday, the White House announced President Obama would travel to Denmark to lobby the International Olympic Committee to select his hometown of Chicago for the 2012 summer games."

    Those are already schedules to take place in London. He is petitioning the 2016 games. Just goes to show how reliable the Washington Times is.

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    wow...I knew the number was low but only once? Our brothers and sisters are dieing and Obama would rather campaign for the Olympics? What happened to the Democrats who was protesting this war and swore to bring our troops home? Instead they've hung them out to dry?

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    Obama only cares about Obama. Ask his brother that lives in a hut on $20 a year

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    Not very good practices. I would hope that he has delegated that authority to someone in the administration to at least get status updates from the General.

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    i seem to remember the democrats screaming to high heaven about bush not caring about the troops...i remember them crying about armored vehicles..etc...obama,when he speaks to his commanders ONCE ,in a time of war,is the same as spitting in our boys faces....what a piece of @$%&...

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    Scary that our Pres cares more for the UN than the US.

    Source(s): One world is the end of the world
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    You think 0bama cares about america?

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    He doesn't. That's why he's got "people".

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