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From seals to Spe cial Forces?

Hi all! My dream is to join Navy Seals and then join SAS! Is it posible to join some Special forces like Rainbow six squad (NO i am not retard gamer who have no life) just woundering? I mean i want do that hostage resque suff, because i am intersted in it so bad! So is it posible to join Spec Ops from Seals, Rangers, Marines?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, there's several problems here.

    First off, SAS is british, so while it's feasable to go from SEALs to SAS, the biggest problem won't be transferring'll be transferring your patriotism. Not sure if the US even allows dual citizenship.

    Second, Rainbow Six is fictional. But clearly, you already know that....right?

    If you're really interested in hostage rescue, you should check out the FBI's HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) That is literally what they excel at.

    It is possible to join a Special Forces group from any of the listed groups, or from any branch of the military period, yes. There's a difference between 'special ops' and 'special forces' as well, FYI.

    Source(s): Former Marine Infantry
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, well first off let me correct a few of your points.

    1) Marines are not Spec Ops. They are a branch of the military.

    2) SAS is British, SEALS and Rangers are American, so know you can't join both.

    3) You don't join Spec Ops, you apply to the program and hope to god you make it.

    4) You forgot DELTA. They are the guys that get used for counter terrorism and hostage rescue in a lot of cases. Not that other groups don't. But they tend to be primarily Counter Terrorism such as your beloved Rainbow Six lol.

    5) If you weren't a retard gamer with no life, you wouldn't have compared the Elite of US military with a fictional game. You wouldn't have 2 other questions about Rainbow Six all over your profile, you would know that Rangers and SEALs are Spec Ops already, and that SAS belong to a different country. Do some research before making questions like this. People don't mind answering questions, as long as they are factual and plausible questions, which yours are not. Please do a little research first next time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you need to understand that the SAS and Navy Seals are from different countries. You could, if you were an American volunteer for Navy Seals. You cam't volunteer for the SAS as entry to this unique branch of the British Ared Forces is by recommendation only, you would still have to go through a stringent selection process, They don't take anyone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    DEVGRU is the navy's version of CAG, its a hostage rescue/anti terrorist unit (used to be called seal team 6 but the navy wanted a seperate name for it when it moved over to JSOC.)

    LOL at rainbow 6...maybe u should go back to it.

    also you cant join the SAS unless you're a naturally born british citizen.

    SPEC OPS are any operational unit under USSOCOM. they include:

    army: CAG (SFOD-D)

    Special Forces



    navy: Seals



    airforce: PJs


    combat weathermen

    Marines: MARSOC

    you cant be IN the marines and try out for devgru or cag though, you'd need to ets from the marines, join the appropraite branch, and then try out.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    SEAL team 6 is what you want, but you won't even make it through BUD/S... Set your sights at being a SEAL first...

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