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i need some help with "The Crucible"...?

ive done a million questins and there a few left that i really need help on, can someone help mee ;]

-Why doesnt proctor want mary to go back to court?

-Why did Hale come to proctors house?

-What things are suspicious about proctor and his family?

-Hale asks elizabeth if she believes in witches..wats her reply?

-why does cheever come to the proctor house?

-significance of the needle in the poppet?

-what will happen to proctor if he tries to discredit abby?

-why doesnt mary want to testify about thye doll?

thanks so much!

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    The Crucible - Arthur Miller


    ACT 1

    SCENE 1

    • Betty Parris is sick and people around her worried.

    • Tituba comes in to see if Betty is going to die.

    • Rev. Parris, betty’s dad, doesn’t want to think that this might be because of witchcraft. But he sends out for Rev. Hale (witchcraft expert) anyway.

    • Parris doesn’t want people to find out about his daughter because he doesn’t want to look like a putz in the town.

    • Abigail (Rev.’s niece) tells him that she was dancing with Tituba and some other chicks. They were dancing around a big cauldron.

    • All Rev. Parris cares about is his own good name in the community. He tells Abigail that it doesn’t matter if she confesses, people will see her as dirty anyway.

    • Parris tells Abigail that John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, doesn’t come to church because Abigail slept with John Proctor..

    • Abigail defends herself and calls Elizabeth a stinking liar.



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