Who feels the writers of SNL kinda blackballed Megan Fox?

Recently i saw Jennifer's Body Like most hormone driven males between the ages of 17 and 100 simply b/c Megan Fox was playing a sex crazed possessed popular flag girl ( I mean come on Diablo Codey knows what shes doing) and upon seeing it I couldn't help but be amazed at how Megan Fox show signs of being a promising actress and not just another pretty face. So on SNL last saturday low and behold ever skit she is in, shes wearing another wig and the skit itself revolves around how sexy she is (Like we don't know that already ! ! ! ). My question is does anyone else feel like the writers of the show took all but two minutes to write out the skits and said "Yes, we will based the entire show around the sexiness of Megan Fox", cause to me its kinda not fair


I understand what your saying Richard C. and i do understand how easy it is to take advantage of Megan Fox's star power, but its a writers duty to go beyond that and put things on t.v. you would not see coming cause honestly who didn't see the transformers bit coming !?!

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    I think the problem is the writing. Seth Meyers is failing miserably as head writer. Kristen Wiig makes even bad material funny and she was the only funny thing about the last show. And getting rid of Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins was a BIG mistake.

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    Parody is sometimes misunderstood...it was a play on the pop culture "personality" of Megan Fox. And stars who can poke fun at their public persona are few in number.

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    I agree with the last comment. But I also think they wanted to kick off their 35th season with a bang and they wanted to milk her for all she was worth. She needs to get out of this type she's been put in. Which I don't really think will be that hard.

  • Yeah now that you mentioned it, it doesn kinda sound like it. All what I know is that I think she is wayyy too overrated! I still love SNL, where a lot of people think the show isn't that funny anymore, but I thought this episode this past Saturday wasn't all that great, just alright.

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    Megan Fox is overrated. & annoying.

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