The density of a solution of sulfuric acid is 1.285 g/cm^3, and it is 38.08% acid by mass. What volume of the?

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question continued.... acid solution (in mL) do you need to supply 125 g of sulfuric acid? These questions are practice questions for my upcoming test. Please show work so that I more
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The value for the density of sulfuric acid solution given means that each cubic centimeter (same as milliliter) of this solution has a mass of 1.285 grams.

First, we should find the number of grams of sulfuric acid in each milliliter of its solution by multiplying its density by 0.3808 (percentage):

(1.285 g/mL)(0.3808) = 0.489328 g/mL

Since we know now that each milliliter of the solution contains 0.489328 grams of sulfuric acid, we can use the following equation to find the volume of the sulfuric acid solution that would supply 125 grams of sulfuric acid:

(mass of H2SO4 per mL)(volume of H2SO4 solution) = 125 g
volume of H2SO4 solution = (125 g) / (mass of H2SO4 per mL)
volume of H2SO4 solution = (125 g) / (0.489328 g/mL)
volume of H2SO4 solution = 255.45237 mL or 255 mL rounded to three significant figures

Answer: The volume of the acid solution needed to supply 125 grams of sulfuric acid is 255 milliliters.


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