How is the drive from Homer, Alaska to Las Vegas in October?

We are moving back to Las Vegas and are driving the AlCan in a Uhaul. What is the weather like at that time of year. Will we have to worry about taking extra cans of gas? Also is there going to be any snow at that time of the year we need to worry about?

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    We drove the AlCan from Minnesota to Kenai in May of 05 and it was right before everything started opening for the summer. We got gas whereever we saw it, so we were less likely to run out and the open restaurants and lodging were few and far in between. There was one night that we arrived in a town to sleep at 10 pm and no place was open to eat dinner. Pack some extra food in a cooler. You know from living in Homer that we on the Kenai Peninsula have snow and ice at that time of year and that you will need to go North thru Tok to get to the Alaska/Canadian border, and you'll experience even more snow and ice up there in the interior. Seeing that you will most likely hug the western-most route and go straight south through British Columbia, you may not experience winter driving the whole trip. I would pack extra cans of gas just in case, and also realize that when we drove through 4 years ago, gas was like $1.50 canadian per liter and it's about 2.5 -3 liters per gallon and it's probably gone up. Gas is likely to be a big expense for you, so if you have the cash you may want to pony up for the plane tickets and movers, it'll save you a lot of time, a lot of headaches and maybe even some cash :) Good luck!

    Source(s): I live in Alaska and have driven the AlCan.
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    Why would you do that? That's way too expensive and way too long of a journey in a vehicle. Your better off flying and getting a cheap ticket.(Do a search or ask about that on Yahoo) And have your things shipped to you by air. I tried to drive from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON one time. A journey that is only supposed to be three days long. I got totally lost; because things look different than on maps. Plus you might miss something. And not knowing the area you might circle around for hours trying to find your way. And as a result, pay an arm and a leg in gasoline. Like I did. In the end my mom had to fly to Vancouver and rescued me. Then I took a plane home. Just trust me, save up and then go. It's worth saving you the headache. Not to mention you could get robbed if you try to drive, or get a flat tire,the vehicle could break down (another thing that happened to me) etc. The possible woes are endless.

    Source(s): First Hand Experience
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