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LUV (SIC) pt2求中文歌詞

求LUV (SIC) pt2中文歌詞對照

Once again, now where do I start, dear love

Dumb struck with the pure luck to find you here

Every morn' I awake from a cavernous night,

Sometimes still pondering the previous plight,

Seems life done changed long time no speak,

Nowadays I often forget the day of the week

Taking it by stride if you know what I mean,

No harm done, no offense taken by me

So let's rap, we'll catch up to par, what's the haps?

Perhaps we're even closer now after all things considered on this side of the planet,

Couldn't pick a better time even if we planned it!

To come clean and candid if I have to

Oh what I wouldn't trade for your laughter

Sweet and sour spice in my poetry pot melting,

Even better than the real thing!

It's like the God in me saw the Devil in you

I wanted to break myself in the worst way when I met you

Who would have thought, conversate by the river, celebrate birth,

Sit and delivered the lines that would prove to be the seeds of trust

Unsigned, yeah but destined to grow with sunshine

Self-assigned task piled on the desk of good works,

Knowing hardship appreciate the best of both worlds!



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