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some questions

1.what is UV wristband ? please tell me about it


2.What is the percentage that the Americans know that spending too many hours under the increase the risk of getting skin cancer?

3.How do Amaricans get tan? please describe it?

4.In summer time , what food do you enjoy and they can coool you off?


anwers my questions I want you answer please!!

Update 2:

These questions can't wait tomorrow.

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    Do you want a translation or anwers to your questions?

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    1. UV wristband changs its color after exposing to the sun light for some horus. 2. 81 %t 3. U can got to tanning salon to get tanned evenly all over your body. The cheapest way to get rtanned is surely to stay under the sun for few hours. 4. watermelon, coconut, ice tea etc

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    1. It is a wristband changing its colors after exposing to sun light for some hours

    2. 81%

    3. Tanning salon where you can expose to artificial UV light, or simply stay under the sun for some hours

    4. watermelon, coconut, ice tea

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