entrance to the Navy base in IL?

I may be visiting my Boyfriend in a few weeks at the Navy base in IL, I was wondering if I were to drive there, is there a particular entrance I need to take to get where visitors come in? or is it one of those once you get there its easy to find kinda things?

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    Hello Katherine.

    I live in Illinois south of Chicago. Be very careful driving through Chicago up to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. The Interstates are very busy with many cars and trucks all going "fast" in spite of the speed limit.

    The Base is in NORTH CHICAGO, IL Farragut Ave

    Phone: 1 - 847 - 688 - 3500

    No matter what direction you are taking you will be driving on INTERSTATE 94 North past the city of Chicago. The big green sign will say: Wisconsin and I-94 North.

    Google Maps has a good map on the base and highway to get there.

    You get off of I-94 to the right at the Illinois Highway 131 Exit: Buckley Road. Drive down Buckley Road under the train overpass. The street becomes W. Downey Road. Then you turn right on Illinois Street to enter the Base.

    You can click on the Satellite Button on the Google Map and zoom all the way in to see the streets and buildings of the base.

    Here is a website on the base to get a basic introduction.


    This is the official website of the Base:


    Note the VISITORS' information link to the right side of the page. It is under QUICK LINKS.

    Visitor Center (Pass and Security)

    Private automobiles may be operated on the base only if they meet minimum insurance requirements with an approved company.

    Motorcycles are permitted on base, but riders must successfully complete a motorcycle safety course before receiving a decal. Motorcyclists must also wear basic safety gear, such as hard soled shoes, a reflective vest, long sleeve shirt or jacket, a helmet with eye protection, and gloves. Base decals are issued by the Visitor's Center, near the main gate. To receive a base decal you need to bring your:

    Valid Drivers License

    Current Registration

    Proof of Insurance

    Valid Government Issued I.D. Card.

    Visitor Center's hours of operation

    Military Time Standard Time

    0530-1800 Monday Through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    0700-1800 Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    0800-1600 Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    For more information please call the Visitor Center at (847) 688-5648

    By Automobile

    Although driving in the Chicago area can be intimidating, Great Lakes is easily accessible from a major interstate highways, and also from U. S. 41.

    Great Lakes is located approximately 15 miles south of the Wisconsin state line, several miles east of Interstate 94 and U. S. 41.

    From the south, follow either I-94 (West) or I-294 (Tri-State tollway) toward Wisconsin. I-294, which is a toll road, is generally the less traveled of these two roads and would be the wiser choice during rush hour. I-94 and I-294 eventually converge about eight miles north of Chicago's O'Hare airport.

    I-94 (West) passes near downtown Chicago and continues in a northerly direction following the shoreline of Lake Michigan. As it passes through Chicago, I-94 includes portions of several named expressways (Bishop Ford, Dan Ryan, Kennedy, and Edens. At the north end of the Edens Expressway, one can either continue straight ahead onto U. S. 41 or exit onto a ramp and follow I-94 in a northwesterly direction. Either choice will work, but from that location, the shortest route to the Training Center is by continuing straight ahead, following the signs that say "U. S. 41 north to Waukegan"

    If you choose to stay on I-94, you'll find that you will soon merge together with I-294 near Deerfield Road. Both I-94 and U. S. 41 eventually intersect with Buckley Road (Route 137).

    Turn east (right) onto Buckley Road and go a couple of miles to Great Lakes.

    From the north, the Training Center is easily reached from either I-94 or U. S. 41. Just turn left at Buckley Road (Route 137) and go east a couple of miles.

    Once on Buckley Road, to reach the Recruit Training Command, turn right at Illinois Street. To reach the Main Gate, go under the train overpass at the end of Buckley Road and follow the signs.

    Don't forget your Insurance Card, Your Vehicle Registration, Your Driver's License.

    Drive Safe: Drive SLOW on the BASE. Usual base speed limit is 25 miles per hour. ENFORCED. Civilian getting a ticket on the base have a Federal ticket not state/city ticket.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989
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    Have him call the visitor center in advance to let them know you are coming. Give him a specific time you'll be there. Have him meet you at the gate he specifies. If you are driving, have a valid license and proof of insurance.

    The main gate usually has the visitor center.

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    He meets you off base.

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