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United States vs China?

Which country would come out the winner?

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    There has always been a controversy with USA and China. I personally find both countries very strong and if it really comes to the day both super powers had to go to war, it would be World War III.

    United States of America spends the most money on their military infrastructure and in constantly investing in future technology. China is currently trying to build up their economy and sad but true there are still parts of China that has no electrical power and shortage of food. China won’t be able to finance a war in this magnitude without their export to the United States. United States on the other hand can issue bonds because let’s face it United States have great credit and people will loan us money because we pay them back with good interest rate.

    Never the less that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will fight for the United States for many reasons including the fear of communism (sad but true the thought is still out there).

    If war really comes to place, China doesn’t have the military power to invade the United States because of their lack of naval and air power compared to the United States. United States on the other hand has the Naval and Airpower to invade China. First battle would come in the air, with worlds most power and very experienced Air Force the Chinese outdated fighters don’t stand a chance. Second comes for the battle of the seas, United States has the strong navy in the world, which is why United States is the current world power. “Those who control the sea control the world.” The United States Ten Nimitz Class Carrier Battle group would obliterate anything the Chinese Navy and Airforce can throw at them. Next comes the hardest part, amphibious invasion. Every army teaches you need a 3:1 ratio to invade, United States just don’t have that ratio and if the US high commands decide to invade both sides would take heavy casualties. Eventually over time, US Air and Naval superiority would bombard and pound the Chinese military. Both countries are nuclear powered countries and if China is on the verge of being overpowered, Chinese government will use Nuclear Force. This war has become a nuclear war and with two superpowers fighting a nuclear war, it is the beginning of the end of the world.

    In conclusion, neither United States nor China would come out the victor. My opinion is that USA and China stay peaceful and continue trading as both countries will reach prosperity.

    Source(s): Professor at Sandhurst Military Academy.
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    --- Not all wars are "hot" wars that have the military lined up against each other. There are other forms of wars such as economic wars in which one country achieves its goals by either crushing the economy of its opposition or controls the economy of its opposition to the point that its enemy cannot wage a war or support an opposition. --- You also have to look at the goal of the waring countries. China only has a few goals for which she would start a war. One major goal China has had in mind since it went communist is the re-acquisition of Taiwan. China has demanded the return of Taiwan since it was founded and has even threatened to start a war and invade if the people on Taiwan openly declare independence. --- China is also in a dispute with Japan and some other countries such as the Philippines regarding several islands that appear to have large oil reserves on, under and around them. --- Of course that is where we, the USA, come in. We have mutual defense treaties with all of those countries and thus we are right in the middle of it all. We have a vast technological superiority that has kept China in check thus far and as long as we keep that edge then their vast numerical superiority is held in check. Why? Because in order to invade or attack any of those allies China has to cross water and that makes them vulnerable. --- So, I don't think you have to worry about a hot war for now. However I WOULD be worried about that economic war I was talking about. China already has cut deep in-roads into our economy and they haven't had to work hard to do it either. Unfortunately the US government made a bad decision a few years ago, that American corporations would police themselves and would never do anything that might be in less than the USA's best interest. --- We now know what a fallacy that is. American corporations have wallowed in greed at the expense of the country, outsourcing American jobs and industry and flooding the country with cheap Chinese junk. Junk that often enough is actually poisonous. Now, as you noted, we are in deep debt to China. That and the numerous internet attacks and espionage runs that are attributed to China makes it clear that China is playing a long term game and if we don't start plying the same game we might lose by default.

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    We need each other to survive economically.

    Hypothetically, their air force would be decimated by our fly boys, but they have a pretty large army, though their equipment is Vietnam Era stuff in comparison to ours.

    Numbers vs. Technology and great training...

    I pick the USA.

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    Currently, China's military is comparable to our Civil War era cavalry. That will change soon since they're taking all the money the commie government makes off of Walmart's factories and using it to modernize their military. Yipee.

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    China owns most of the U.S.'s debt. If they really want to destroy the U.S. all they have to do is cash in all those U.S. bonds and Treasury securities. In May 2009, the US owed China $772 billion

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