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Why does the population of Asia outnumber that of Europe and USA 4:1 yet they are the least influential?

It doesn't make sense that the USA and Europe have been, and still are, the most influential factions of the last two thousand years? Surely with Asia's vastly larger population, they should have taken control of the world. I mean there was Russia during the Cold War...and China is sort of getting there now...but the only really powerful unity that ever existed in Asia was the Mongolian Empire (but that didn't last long lol)

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    The burned fleet that answerer 4 is refering to was called The Star Fleet / around 1450 AD I believe ( Star Fleet). It's alledged to have dwarfed the Spanish Armada , and would have changed their countries destiny for the better 10/FOLD. It would have been their equvilence of Christopher Columbus's and the Spanish discoveries of the new world. China very well would be in Americas spot as the only Hyperpower on the planet or , better , one of the two Superpowers of the Cold War. The Star Fleets destruction is one of histories great WHAT IF'S.

    As to the Q& A. The Far East or the Orient has in it's long history always been superior at agriculture than its Western counterpart. Early on in their history , much of their technology was put into farming as opposed to war ( not that they were not at war in it's own right ).

    China and the Far east as a whole have great soil and a very supporting climate for it that helped them along in the process to.

    It's this that gave the far east it's ever growing population as famine & drought were never a worry for them. A well feed and nurished people is a nessecity for a large population. Not to mention is that the Himalayas served as great natural fortification and buffer zone from invaders from the west as no western army ever made it to the far east coming from the old world side that is (with the exception of Alexander the Great). Their are stories of Qin & Han skirmishes with Achaemenid & Parthian armies but they hold no validaty.

    Important to note is that the Great Plagues of The later Roman Empire & the Middle Ages did great damage to western populations that has a great influence on our census today. Western civilization lost more than a third of it's people through several plagues in it's distant past which has to have had an effect on our civilization today. However there is such a big difference in our population densities that the plagues I spoke could still not account for.

    Simple put The Far East were simple better suppliers to it's people in it's history than we were ( agriculturaly speaking )

    SPQR long live western civilization

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    Western Europe and the US opened their economies to free markets before Asia did. That's why Asia's playing catch-up today.

    As for the last two-thousand years, Japan has been embroiled in internal warfare for much of its history, as has China. While europe was mired in the dark ages, however, China has a thriving culture and was one of the most powerful nations in the world. Soon thereafter though, they closed their doors to trade, which stifiled technological development.

    The same thing happened in Japan, but then they caught up quickly in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Japan attempted to militarily create a pacific empire in the 20th century, but they were stopped by the US. Now they're forbidden from fielding an armed forces, they only have a small military for defense.

    Your mistake is assuming "Asia" is unified. Ask a Chinese person what they think about the Japanese, or what the Japanese think of the North Koreans, or what the North Koreans think about anyone else... you'll see why Asia hasn't "taken over" the world yet.

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    Asia had its hay-day long before Europe was worth talking about, but then the Asian religions with their cast systems let their society stagnate, like the Muslim countries with their hate for women and freedom.

    It was similar in Europe in the dark ages, when the catholic church had a strangle hold on society, fortunately Europeans overcame the power of the Church and science took over.

    When people have free speech, can live out their ideas, have equality for all, a country flourishes.

    But for all its worth, Asia has a much longer history fo civilization and endurance then Europe and the USA. As much as Europe came back to power the last 20 years, bypassing the USA in GDP since 2004, China, South Korea, Japan and India are all very powerfull countries, which are competitors for the next heavyweight title.

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    US has the potential to mobilize mass troops worldwide fairly right away and the main stepped forward weapons that some distance outweigh the different u . s . a . on earth. it truly is largely a actuality. US has the main suitable militia and weapons on earth with the main get right of entry to to greater international locations worldwide. How could any of those Asian international locations get their troops in place to truthfully attack the U. S. and South united states of america? particular they might attack Europe, yet we'd bomb them to kingdom come until now they even got here close. If it became right into a nuclear conflict then the two aspects could get obliterated through fact Russia has nukes and missiles to launch long variety nukes. even nonetheless, they in all possibility couldnt take out at a lot through fact the U. S. ought to through fact their militia isn't doing besides as they could like the worldwide to think of that's and so who's accustomed to what shape their missiles truthfully are in or if all and sundry remains manning those launch web content.

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    Your influence and power does not come from how many people you have. It come from how much money you have.

    When you are poor no one care about you. For big countries such as China, they cannot afford to be poor.

    In the next century I am very sure what you mentioned is going to change. US will slowly become a 2nd class country like France or Spain.

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    it's because china closed itself to the world when the west started to gain power

    for most of history the asians have had the richest culture until the west rose up

    the chinese messed it up for themselves when they burned the fleet of boats they built (im sure i heard about a great fleet of boats they built but the empror or someone ordered them burned, you could look it up if your curious)

    and didn't think the rest of the world had anything worthwhile to offer them, while the west was traveling the world

    asia is starting to become more influential now though, we are unfortunately in a huge debt to china

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