What happened (any year) on August 7th?

I have to do this project for school... what happened on my birthday but any year. So I need events in Music/Art and in sports/leisure that happened on any year on August 7th. Hopefully with a little significance. Thank you!

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    August 7 Events in History - August 7 Birthdays - August 7 Deaths

    2003 An Islamist terrorist is sentenced to death for his part in the Bali bombings that kill nearly 200 in 2002

    1998 U.S. embassies bombed in Kenya and Tanzania killing at least 200

    1997 STS-85, Discovery 23, launches into orbit

    1997 Ung Huot appointed Cambodia's 1st premier

    1994 "Hedda Gabler" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 33 performances

    1994 1st telephone link between Israel and Jordan

    1994 Carolyn Hill wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mountain

    1994 Ernesto Samper sworn in as president of Colombia

    1993 "Camelot" closes at Gershwin Theater New York City after 56 performances

    1993 Tropical storm Brett ravages Venezuela, 118 killed

    1992 Cleveland Indians turn a triple play

    1992 Tampa Bay group purchases San Francisco Giants

    1991 Charles Austin breaks U.S. high jump record at 7'10 "

    1991 Court rules Manuel Noriega, may access some secret U.S. documents

    1991 Darrin Lewis hits his 1st major league home run

    1991 Manhattan Cable final day of amnesty to return illegal cable boxes

    1991 U.S. sets 400m relay record at 37.67 seconds

    1990 Desert Shield begins - U.S. deploys troops to Saudi Arabia

    1990 New York Yankee Kevin Mass sets record with 12th home run in 1st 92 at bats and becomes 21st to hit a ball into 3rd deck of Seattle's Kingdome

    1988 Martha Nause wins Planters Pat Bradley International Golf Tournament

    1988 Writers guild end their 6 months strike

    1987 5 Central American presidents sign peace accord in Guatemala

    1987 Javed Miandad scores 260 vs. England at The Oval, 28 fours 1 six

    1987 Lynne Cox swims 4.3 km from U.S. to U.S.S.R. in 39 degrees F (4 degrees C) Bering Sea

    1986 "Honky Tonk Nights" opens at Biltmore Theater New York City for 4 performances

    1986 Daniel Buettner, Bret Anderson, Martin Engel and Anne Knabe begin cycling journey of 15,266 miles from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Argentina

    1985 Barbra Streisand records "Broadway Album"

    1985 Baseball players end a 2 day strike

    1984 David Rabe's "Hurlyburly," premieres in New York City

    1984 Japan beats U.S. for olympic gold medal in baseball

    1984 Jim Deshales becomes 1,000th playing Yankee

    1983 "Merlin" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 199 performances

    1983 1st World Track and Field Championships

    1983 65th PGA Championship: Hal Sutton shoots a 274 at Riviera CC LA

    1983 Bobby Murcer Day at Yankee Stadium

    1983 Grete Waitz of Norway, wins 1st all-women Marathon (Helsinki Fin)

    1983 Patti Rizzo wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic

    1983 Some 675,000 employees strike AT&T

    1980 Hurricane Allen ravages Caribisch area, about 70 killed

    1978 Eddie Mathews, Addie Joss, and Larry MacPhail inducted to Hall of Fame

    1978 Thousands of mourners file past body of Pope Paul VI

    1977 "Shenandoah" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 1,050 performances

    1976 Chako Higuchi wins LPGA Colgate-European Golf Open

    1976 U.S. Viking 2 goes into Martian orbit after 11-month flight from Earth

    1976 Scientists in Pasadena, California, announce Viking I found strongest indications to date of possible life on Mars

    1974 Actress Faye Dunaway weds Peter Wolf of J Geils Band

    1974 Philippe Petit walks tightrope strung between twin towers

    1972 Hall of Fame inducts Berra, Sandy Koufax, Lefty Gomez and Early Wynn

    1971 Apollo 15 returns to Earth

    1970 1st computer chess tournament

    1970 Christine McVie joins Fleetwood Mac

    1970 WDHN TV channel 18 in Dothan, AL (ABC) begins broadcasting

    1970 4, including presiding judge, killed in courthouse shootout in San Rafael, California (Police charge Angela Davis provided weapons)

    1966 Race riot in Lansing, Michigan

    1964 31st NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chicago 28, All-Stars 17 (65,000)

    1964 Turkey begins air attack on Greek-Cypriots

    1964 U.S. Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin resolution

    1963 Jacqueline Kennedy becomes 1st, 1st lady to give birth since Mrs. Cleveland

    1962 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.

    1961 Cosmonaut Gherman Titov circles Earth for a full day in Vostok 2

    1961 Soviet premier Khrushchev predicts U.S.S.R. economy will surpass U.S.

    1960 Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoore, gains independence from France

    1960 Students stage kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches

    1960 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open

    1959 Explorer 6 transmits 1st TV photo of Earth from space

    1957 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

    1956 Boston Red Sox fine Ted Williams $5,000 for spitting at Boston fans

    1956 British government sends 3 aircraft carriers to Egypt

    1956 Dynamite transport explodes in Colombia; about 1200 die

    1955 Bar-Ilan University founded in Israel

    1955 KSTF TV channel 10 in Scottsbluff-Gering, NB (CBS/NBC) begins

    1954 "Golden Apple" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 125 performances

    1954 Charles Mahoney becomes 1st U.S. black to serve as a full United Nations delegate

    1953 Eastern Airlines enters jet age, uses Electr

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