What's the story & channel with/for DEXTER?

John Lithgow is a serial killer, right/ & so is Dexter but he's a cop??

What channels is he on & when??

thank you

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HBO< like what channel is HBO?

I do not have it & I have the commercials for it so I know it's on Direct TV.

Anyone else on Direct TV?

Pretty please?

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    It's on Showtime, Sunday nights at 9.

    The basic premise is that Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD, and he is a serial killer of other killers who have escaped justice. He doesn't believe that he feels normal human emotions, although we see that he does to an extent.

    He was adopted as a 3 year old by a cop who recognized that he had these urges to kill and tried to help Dexter to blend in to normal society and still be able to kill. He did this by devising a 'code' that taught Dexter how to avoid capture, blend in, and only kill people who really had it coming.

    It's one of the best shows on television. Great writing and acting, and oddly, very funny at times.

    They explore a lot of themes that anyone can relate to: feeling alienated in your life; how much of the real you do you let the world see and how much do you 'pretend'; can you love someone with tremendous flaws, etc. Lots of suspense, lots of action, lots of black humor, and touches on great themes. What's not to love?

    Each season, they follow one long story arc. This year is going to be the John Lithgow character.

    ETA: Sorry, I don't know the Direct TV line up at all. Did you try checking the Direct TV website? They may have a program guide.

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    It used to be on the 101, Try showtime.Channel 537 x

  • 1 decade ago

    um HBO but i dont wat time sorry

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