What's the name of this strange kid's movie?

There's a movie that I remember watching when I was little, and it's killing me that I can't recall the name of it.

It's starts with a young child being told by his dad that his mother used to be a boy (however, this might be a different movie altogether).

The story then changes to another young boy, whom I'm assuming is the child's "mother" when he was young, whose father is off at war and the boy is waiting for him to return. Though it's obvious that his father is dead.

He and his female friend eventually befriend an old man, who either turns out to be a leprechaun or just believes in them.

After a while, the boy and girl get a magical flute and (somehow) find themselves trapped behind a waterfall. The girl decides to wish on the flute to get out of the waterfall. She says to the boy that he can finally wish for his father back, but he ends up wishing for the old man to live a long life. The girl, shocked by his wish, asks why he didn't wish for his father to return. The boy replies that his knows that his father will not return no matter what.

Do not answer with "It's just some insane dream you had" because I know that it's an actual movie.

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    It could be this one:

    Behind the Waterfall (1995)

    starring Gary Burghoff, Luke Baird, Alyssa Hansen, Hollis McCarthy, Gena Gale Burghoff

    IMDb review:

    A boy has to move to a small town and learn to accept his father's death. He meets a girl named Alex, and the two children spend their summer with an elderly man named Mr. Connors. They learn to look at the world around them with a new view, including being told about fairy rings, where one could get stuck dancing for seven years. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Mr. Connors has a heart attack. The young boy figures out a way to save him by finding a flute the man had had stolen from him~a flute meant for the fairy king.

    You can see pictures from the film here:


    I seem to recall that a waterfall does figure importantly in the story. With your mention of the flute and the wish, I do think that "Behind the Waterfall" could be your film. Unfortunately, I can find no film clips or even a movie trailer.

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    Here are a bunch of leprechaun movies see if any are familiar.


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