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Liberals, why was your leader Roman Polanski Arrested on Statutory Rape Charges?


If Rush Limbaugh is my leader according to YA answers, then Roman Polanski is yours. He is a flaming liberal

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    Roman is also a flaming pedophile! He was of course only doing the liberal thing, I hope he gets the rest of his life in prison

  • Hanna
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    4 years ago

    Liberal here. I say he needs to come back, strand trial and face the legal system. Because the deal he agreed to was going to be denied he would still get a fair trial, a judge wouldn't have been able to just say "Well I decided to change the details and now you're stuck with what I say" the guy still could have gotten a trial. That's why his running doesn't make sense. He still could have stood trial. He just didn't want to. He wasn't going to be some innocent victim of a big mean judge. The judge couldn't just sentence him to whatever he felt like- the guy still had a right to a trial. He just didn't want to take the chance. He's a rapist, and a child rapist at that. It's disgusting to see people defending him. There is no such word as consensual when it comes to a 13 year old child and a grown man.

  • Anonymous
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    Sorry dude, but Polanski is a statutory rapist and a slime-bag. I don't think even the most disgusting liberals would call him their "leader."

    I did hear that Anne Applebaum at the "Washington Compost" was upset at his "Outrageous" arrest. Funny how she wasn't upset about how he plead guilty to statutory rape. "To put him on trial or keep him in jail does not serve society in general or his victim in particular." Applebaum is OUTRAGEOUS!

    Source(s): Obama is not my fault!
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    Where in flaming hell do you get the idea that Roman Polanski was a "liberal leader"? He hasn't been in the U.S. for about 30 years. How could he do any "leading"?

    So are you saying Obama is not the liberal leader? That directly contradicts hundreds--maybe thousands--of your other questions.

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    Why have the leaders of the far right wing been arrested for solicting gay sex and doing hard drugs?

    There are dirtbags on both sides, so that's a cheap card to play.

  • Belle
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    I am a liberal, and I don't think he should be arrested. I think he should be taken out back to a large tree, stripped naked, hung upside down by his nuts, then whipped within an inch of his life, then have vinegar pored over him to revive him, then taken down, an be drawn and quartered.

    Of course I don't reserve these feeling just for Polanski, I think all child molesters and rapist should incur the same punishment.


  • Anonymous
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    Sorry man but you should have a talk with your crack dealer you got some bad stuff. The guy made a few cool movies and was the father of murdered actress Sharon Tate's baby. (murdered by the Manson family) He is a far cry from any leadership position.

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    Geeze. He didn't do it because he was liberal. ACORN was not involved in this one. He did it because he was rich and famous and horny. Like many influential liberals.

    Now, as far as all these 13-year-old girls, can we a least try to keep them safe at home and out of the news?

    (Obama is NOT our leader. He is our employee.)

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    You are mistaken.

    Barack Obama is our current leader and yours as well.

    What does Polanski have to do with anything?

    Is he a liberal?

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    It's sad enough that you would call him out leader(no one parrots his every word like cons do with Rush, so no comparison), but then you get 5 stars? WOW!

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