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I have a copy of the Divining Disk of Pergamon?

I need to know about this item. Every time I wear it, good things happen to me. Does it have powers? please help me with this. I NEED to know.

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    Wouldn't doubt it. The original Divining Disk of Pergamon was a part of the apparatus used by the magicians of Pergamon, which consisted of ten parts. The glyphs on the Disk come from several alphabets, including Egyptian and Greek. When a magical object is inscribed with runes or glyphs, it is those symbols that give the object its power. The symbols would be used in a particular order to get the correct result. Your disk, being an exact replica, therefore has the same symbols in the same sequence as the original. The only reason it still works is because the original Disk was somehow preserved in very good condition until it was discovered in 1899 in Pergamon. The symbols were all intact, so the replicas would be as accurate as the original was when it was first created.

    I would urge you to be cautious. Until you have had the symbols properly interpreted and understand exactly what they say, you cannot know the intended purpose of this magical object. Without the rest of the pieces to balance and complete the effect, the single relic could be dangerous. It appears to be giving you incredible luck, but whether that, in itself, is lucky, or if it was intended to be so, we do not know. If you are adventurous and willing to take risks, by all means, continue to wear it. That would be my personal choice. Perhaps the more you wear it, the more you will come to understand the true purpose.

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