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Is there any way of fixing a broken easton S17?

I took a slap shot and half of the blade broke and flew off is there any way of fixing it?

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    Bryan McCaptain - that works with a lot of sticks, but the s17 has the elliptical taper. That means the handle is going to be much thinner, and extremely weird to grip. Also, the kickpoint will be messed up pretty badly.

    You could try putting a blade in the opposite end, but I just think you would be better served to get a new stick (your performance will suffer with the makeshift fixed up stick).

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    ahh i dont think so because the bottom of the shaft is oval u can flip it over and use a regualr blade but the top would be oval so i dont think their is a way sorry

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    saw off the rest of the blade. buy a replacement blade, and put it in at the end where you use to put your hand. retape it up, should be good to go.

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