Why is the world's 6th most promiscuous country going after Polanski?


hahaha, so you're disappointed that the USA isn't as promiscuous as the Netherlands?

Update 2:

Zoran, are you suggesting Sharia law?

Update 3:

hahaha, but you were quite ready to condemn Polanski without knowing all the facts of his case.

Update 4:

First Grade Rocks!, best answer so far. Thanks for filling in all the interesting details. I think this is a morally ambiguous case. Unfortunately, current sex laws in the USA are arbitrary, capricous, and unnecessarily harsh, lumping all "sexual predators" together in a single heinous category. Given the already high saturation of sex in the USA, we desperately now need a more graduated approach in dealing with sex crimes.

Update 5:

I can already hear a lot of people saying, "There's nothing worse than an adult having sex with a minor!". Never mind that it is the the minors themselves that are probably having more sex than anybody. If a 17 year old boy has sex with a 16 year old, and then he turns 18, is he suddenly one of those heinous adult sex predators, and he has to for the rest of his life register every time he moves? Does the crime really fit the punishment? The USA is schizophrenic about these kinds of sexual problems. It really doesn't know what to do.

Update 6:

Judging from the outcry over Polanski's arrest, the public is divided on this matter. I disagree that Polanski is being given an easy ride because of his celebrity status. I think if he was an unknown, it would have stayed a dead issue, and the US wouldn't have hardly bothered to try to arrest him across the ocean for non-violent sex that happened over 30 years ago. There's too much politics involved in this.

Update 7:

First Grade Rocks!, you've pointed out that consensual sex between a 17 and a 18 year old couple is rarely prosecuted, but that "look out when it's 17 and 21". Isn't that suggesting that enforcement of the law is uneven and depends on what the DA feels like doing? When even that girl that Polanski, now a a woman, is asking him to be acquitted, and yet the DA wants to continue to make a point, exactly what point is being made? The reality is that if sex laws were strictly enforced for everyone that has violated one or other of them, half of the people in the US would be in prison. Now we have prosecutions for sextexting. Wow, I can't hardly wait to see what's going to happen with that one!

Update 8:

...Uh, it's "sexting", meaning the sending of lewd pictures by cell phone, not "sextexting", meaning sending lewd messages. DAs seem to be much more perturbed by the former than the latter.

Update 9:

"But a 13 year old is entirely a different matter". There used to be a time when sexual activity among the young teens was rare (probably an anomaly in US history), but right now we're are denial about how active even the young teens are sexually, and how easy it is for older people to end up getting involved. What I am arguing for is a fairer system of punishment to fit the crime, rather than equating consensual sex between a 21 year old with a 13 year old with assault and forcible rape of a 13 year old by a stranger. The law makes no distinction, and that is unfair. Polanski was looking at a possible 50 year sentence, which is far longer for many types of murder.

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    I have nothing against promiscuity between consenting adults (with some exceptions). But don't confuse the sexual molestation of a 13 year old with consensual sex btw adults. See Wiki re: Polanski's acts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Polanski#Sex_cr...

    [I took out my quotes from Wiki regarding Polanski's alleged acts. Anyone is free to look them up per my citation above]

    But, here is an interesting twist:

    "[In January 2009], Samantha Geimer [the girl Polanski raped] filed to have the charges against Polanski dismissed from court, saying that decades of publicity as well as the prosecutor's focus on lurid details continues to traumatize her and her family." re: Wiki

    Geimer would have been better off if Polanski had served his time when it was the time to serve it. But the falling leaves of time have muffled some of the reasons for chasing Polanski.

    [On the other hand, the US has a compelling reason to show that no one can flout US justice and then be forgiven -- Unless they buy a pardon like Marc Rich did]


    Minors need to be protected from being manipulated, pressured and tricked by adults into engaging in sexual acts that they would not otherwise do. This case, at least according to the girl's testimony, is exactly the type of behavior from which minor's need to be protected.

    As you point out, consenting teenagers are out there trying to make bunnies like crazy. It is actually not legal for anyone under the age of 18 to have sex -- even btw two under aged individuals But it is unprosecuted and the penalties are low. Turning 18 barely changes the crime. But if you are over the age of 21 and the other person is under 16, watch out. Calif Penal Code 261.5


    Looking at the record, Polanski got off really easy. Most people would not have been let out on so little bail ($1000). Bail is designed to ensure that the perp shows up in court. His plea bargain was also really light give his alleged actions.

    His victim does not want him acquitted because he is in any way innocent. She is adamant that Polanski did wrong. She wants it dropped so that she can forget about it. (She also brought a civil suit and probably received a settlement for Polanski's actions). She just wants to get on with her life.

    I also remember when I was 13. For me, this was part of 7th and part of 8th grades. You don't know how to stand up to an adult. At that age, I didn't have any equitable relationships with an adult -- and I can't imagine anyone else my age having an equitable relationship.

    About that time, some creep used to ocassionly harrass me on the bus. I didn't do anything. As I got older, I became better able to fend off any unwanted attention. (I'm not sure how I would have reacted, however, if it was a women giving me that attention).

    13 is also ground zero for all those molestations by Catholic priests.

    I agree with you that a 16 or 17 year old is better able consent to sex with an adult. And that the DA often acts unfairly. But 13 is an entirely different matter.

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    How do you measure promiscuity?

    Better yet, how the hell did Netherlands beat USA?

    Polanski is a freak child molester, how anyone could possibly support him is beyond me. If he weren't a famous director everyone would be relieved that some old perv that raped a 13 year old was getting what he deserved.

    Direct a few films and people tend to forgive minor character flaws like that I suppose.

    EDIT: When did I say I was disappointed? But I mean really, the Netherlands? Come on...

    You cant trust those statistics anyway. All they did was ask who had the most one night stands. That isn't scientific or psychology based, it's hearsay based. Anyone could lie in that thing and the researchers would never know the difference.

    EDIT (again...) - Polanski has nothing to do with the statistics or promiscuity. Really I was wondering why you even included the statistics. What does promiscuity have to do with Polanski raping an underage girl? What facts do you know about the case that I don't that could possibly paint him in ANY good way?

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    I wasn't aware that either of these things were the case. I would have thought Sweden was probably the most politically correct country in the world. I don't know about the promiscuity.

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    Because molesting a child or raping a woman is a deviant crime that is deserving of getting ones throat cut and Polanski fits the criteria.

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    The USA is a bully. Even in things like this.

    I was hoping the USA would get a new world image with Obama as its leader. But with incidents like this, it doesn't seem like that will happen.

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    the 1st 5 are busy.

    And I'm surised the US is so high

    such a puritanical country, all that Faux repression has to somewhere.

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    he is a possible criminal and he ran out unlawfully on his court case!

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