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How do I find out about BJJ tournaments?

Specifically in the Orange County, CA region. I am starting training in BJJ. The guy I will be training with knows about the bigger events but what about small local ones for experience?

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    SoCal Martial Arts lists all of the regional tournaments on their website:


  • Sally
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    I like your eagerness to compete and get your hands dirty. Don't listen to these fools that tell you you're not ready because they don't even know. Your school should provide local tournament info, but if they don't, a simple internet search will help. Sometimes you have to check the websites of other local and nearby schools as some like to put their own tournaments or other schools' tournaments out there to attract more participants. Most will charge a small fee, you fill out a form, and go register and weigh in the morning of the tourney. You'll compete with only white belts with gi, and if you do no gi, most tournaments break it down by experience (0-6 months, 6 months-2 years, 2-5 years...that kind of thing) so you won't be facing Mundial world champs or anything. As far as knowing if you're ready, only competing will determine that because an actual competition is a whole other animal compared to even the hardest sparring sessions. It helps determine what you need to work on...take a teammate to record your matches, if possible. Remember, you're competing against guys with just about the same experience as yourself, but do watch out for sandbaggers. There are a few cowards out there with much experience that stay in the novice brackets for some stupid reason. Good luck!

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    Ask bjj gyms, they will be able to tell you.

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