online math tutoring?

where can i get college level tutoring online? specifically discrete math... i am having so much trouble, and my teacher is helpful, but not available all the time. i don't mind paying money, as long as its something reasonable. pricing like is pretty expensive.

or if any1 here is willing to help me directly... say email or im... i would greatly appreciate that.

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    1 decade ago
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    I understand the need of tutoring for a subject like discrete math(its definitely difficult :(

    Try out online tutoring site They are very affordable and also give 45 min free demo to assess their service. Once you are convinced , you can buy the tutoring package based on your need.

    I remember , they used to give some promo code for new students (to get discount on rates), not sure, if they still give it.

    Try out. they are good in math

  • 1 decade ago

    I'll tutor you for completely free, but I will need you to sign something which say that I tutored you and for how many hours ( I need it for community service hours ).. E-mail me at for details

    I got a 720 in math if it helps...

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