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Please rate and comment on these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

Alexander Scott (Alex)

Andrew Thomas

Bennett James (Ben)

Daniel Alexander

David Christopher

Jonathan Thomas (Jon)

Matthew James (Matt)

Nicholas Ryan (Nick)

Robert Alexander (Rob)

Shawn Thomas

William Alan

Zachary Daniel (Zach)

Please rate and comment on them. MOST DETAILED ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!


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    *Alexander Scott (Alex)-- 9/10 great name. i like both individually, but the 3 then 1 syllable work great together!

    *Andrew Thomas-- 7/10 a good classic name but pretty boring

    *Bennett James (Ben)- 8/10 cute name. cant go wrong with James!

    *Daniel Alexander-- 7/10 not a big fan of Daniel, and both names have the same "a" sound dan..xan.. dont like that too much

    *David Christopher-- 7/10 I think Christopher David sounds better

    *Jonathan Thomas (Jon)-- 7/10 Jonathan is always shortened to Jon/John. We need more Jonathan's!! :-p

    *Matthew James (Matt)- 6/10 I know a Matthew James but James is his last name.. thats all I can think of with this one! otherwise, not bad

    *Nicholas Ryan (Nick)-- 8/10 vry cute. I'd call him Nicholas though

    *Robert Alexander (Rob)- 7/10Robert is too boring. I'd go with Alexander Robert

    *Shawn Thomas- 5/10dont like the spelling. I'd go with Sean

    *William Alan-- 7/10 William is a good sturdy name

    *Zachary Daniel (Zach)-- 9/10 love it! Zachary is growing on me more and more!

    For a lot of the names were you listed nicknames, I would call the boy the full first name. It's so cute when a little boy has a full name like that! You rarely hear little boys called Jonathan, Nicholas, or Zachary... its always Jon, Nick, Zach!

  • Micky
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    1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott (Alex)--9/10

    Andrew Thomas--8/10

    Bennett James (Ben)--0/10

    Daniel Alexander--7/10

    David Christopher--0/10

    Jonathan Thomas (Jon)--1/10

    Matthew James (Matt)--9/10

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick)--9/10

    Robert Alexander (Rob)--4/10

    Shawn Thomas--7/10

    William Alan--1/10

    Zachary Daniel (Zach)--10/10

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    Alexander Scott 10-10

    Zachary Danial 9-10

    Nicholas Ryan 8-10

    Matthew James7-10

    David Christopher 6-10

    Shawn Thomas 5-10

    Daniel Alexander 4-10

    Andrew Thomas 3-10

    Johnathon Thomas 2-10

    William Alan 1-10

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott (Alex)-8...i dont like scott

    Andrew Thomas-10...i love both names and thaTS my grandfathers name backwards thomas andrew

    Bennett James (Ben)-7...not digging the james part benett does sound snobby but its still a nice name

    Daniel Alexander-5...dont like the daniel for a boy

    David Christopher-8...cute but id switch it around

    Jonathan Thomas (Jon)-6...i dont like the thomas paired with the jonathon

    Matthew James (Matt)-7....james with matthew is ok but i wouldnt personally use it

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick) switch it ryan nicholas

    Robert Alexander (Rob)-7...pairings ok but not a fav

    Shawn Thomas-9...i luv it but wud spell shawn sean

    William Alan-10...very nice pairing :)

    Zachary Daniel (Zach)-7...nice but i would use zachary austin

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott (Alex) love scott not keen on Alex 6

    Andrew Thomas- strong name. 6

    Bennett James (Ben) i like both names 8

    Daniel Alexander love daniel. 8

    David Christopher- another strong name. 8

    Jonathan Thomas (Jon)- its ok 5

    Matthew James (Matt)- 7

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick)- 9 love ryan

    Robert Alexander (Rob)- Not keen 4

    Shawn Thomas- cute name 7

    William Alan - 9 like both names alot

    Zachary Daniel (Zach)- this is my favorite. Love Zachary. 10!!!

    :) overall pretty good names. Prefer them to Aiden and Jayden :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott: I love this name! They names aren't popular, but aren't hated, and it's a perfect combo!

    Andrew Thomas: Again, amazing combo! I love both names!

    Bennett James: I love the name James, I really do. But I'm not to fond of Bennett. I just don't know why, it's not my type.

    Daniel Alexander: I'm not to keen on Daniel, it's just, I don't know.

    David Christopher: I love it!

    Jonathan Thomas: Amazing name!

    Matthew James: They are both great names, but Matthew is just a little too popular.

    Nicholas Ryan: This name is amazing.

    Robert Alexander: I don't really like this name that much.

    Shawn Thomas: I don't think they go together very well.

    William Alan: I love the name Will, but I don't really like Alan.

    Zachary Daniel: Zach is a great name, but I don't really like Daniel.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott (Alex)-5/10, i love scott(classic) but i hate alexander, wayyy too traditional.

    Andrew Thomas-5/10 i love andrew, its simple and happy. thomas is boring and dated.

    Bennett James (Ben)-5/10 bennett sounds snobby, but i love james.

    Daniel Alexander-0/10. boring all the way around!

    David Christopher-0/10. again super boring

    Jonathan Thomas (Jon)-0/10 yet again.

    Matthew James (Matt)-5/10, see bennett james

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick)-0/10, boring

    Robert Alexander (Rob)-0/10, boring

    Shawn Thomas-0/10, boring

    William Alan-0/10 boring

    Zachary Daniel (Zach)- 0/10.

    sorry, your names just sound way too common :/

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