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How to find out what bank owns a house?

Does anyone know how to get the public records on a house? Telling me when it was sold and when it was foreclosed? Or how i find out what bank owns a house?

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    It is almost impossible to find out the name. You can try the Tax Assessor for your county. The problem was described in today's New York Times newspaper. Most banks transferred the house thru the Mortgage Electronic Registration System. Many of the loans were sliced into 10 parts and sold to 10 different "investors". No one knows who owns what since the ownership shows up as MERS.

    You just have to wait until the owner (bank) puts it up for sale. The sign shows up in the front yard.

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    I think you could get that information from the County Clerks office in the area the house is in. They will ask you for a lot # and if you don't know that you'll probably have to pay a small fee for having the file pulled or copies made of the records. The records will show who pays the taxes on the property which is usually the owner and or if it was sold and to who and when. Good luck.

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    Look on zillow on the internet to see when it was sold last. If it is in foreclosure, any real estate agent can probably get that information. Just look in the phone book and call one

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