is the season basically over for penn state beacuse of their loss to Iowa? Or is there a chance for top 5?

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    This is the craziest college football season ever already. Penn State can still make the Rose Bowl, but the N.C. is probably out because of no strength of schedule. Then again, it is THIS YEAR!

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    First i have to address Lion Prides answer. That was a bad call. even as a hawk fan i could not believe it. However i think that if the call would have gone Penn States way..Iowa still would have won. With that being said..I respect your team and head coach. I have met a few "bad" PSU fans, but all teams have those. Most i have met have tons of class. Your stadium was really rocking at the start. I felt bad for your looked so damn cold. I would love to see a game there. If you ever can..come to Kinnick. Its also a great place to watch a game.

    I do not think Penn State will go to the NC, but if they do better the rest of the season they may go higher in the rankings (which i am not a fan of) and will get into a good bowl game. Good luck the rest of the season.

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    As a Penn State die-hard fan who sat in the pouring rain through that atrocity of a game, I'd say their season is over if that is the quality of game that they continue to bring. The better team won last night. Penn State coaches seem to designate their play makers before the season and refuse to deviate. For example, Andrew Quarless is a sure thing. He makes a play every time he gets the ball, yet he was only given the ball three times last night. They need to make some play calling adjustments or they are facing a slaughter for every conference game. This loss puts in perspective what a difference maker Sean Lee is. I could go on (and on and on), but I'll just say that Clark needs to step it up and the coaches need to revise the ultra-conservative play book. I try not to get down on the team like this. I supported their decisions through the Zack Mills and Anthony Morelli years, as ugly as they were. But this team has too much talent that is being wasted and under-utilized. As much as Iowa did to earn that win, Penn State did their part to give it to them.

    I will say that the refs didn't help any last night. That roughing the kicker call changed the tide of the game and Iowa was able to capitalize. I didn't realize at the game that it was a bogus call until I watched the replay today. I can't fixate on that, though. Penn State's offense needs work. Weaknesses were exposed last night. Hopefully they will try to fix them and salvage their season.

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    beacuse 3 more top 10 teams went down i belive that we will still be able to make a run beacuse there are a lot of 1 loss teams. i am also a penn state fan :)

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    no i think they can still be in the rose bowl but iowa has to lose twice but for a national championship is out of reach unless alot of teams lose

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