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Has New Zealand surprised you?

ICC Champions trophy is looking like it's going to be one hell of a tournament now.

New Zeland has really performed well after the thrashing they got in Sri Lanka.

Even England has surprised us all.

Yes, cricket is a very unpredictable game...but this is too much.

How do you explain the success of the so-called minnows New Zealand and England?


CQ - What will be the face of this section after SL loses today?

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    Yes New Zealand's performance surprised me. After Sanga won the toss, I didn't think NZ will score more than 250... but getting 315 was a great effort. Ryder played heroically and Vettori, Franklin and Mills lifted NZ to a great total. NZ should hold their nerve and win his one.

    CQ - The match is not over yet. Cricket is such an unpredictable sport that SL still have a chance to win with Mahela out there.

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    There were many statements that T20 is a unpredictable game but now we are seeing some very strange results in 50 overs game

    New Zealand got defeated by the S.Africans while Sri lankans defeated S.Africans

    and now the Kiwis are back in the game with a convincing performance against the well balanced Lankans...

    Still nothing to predict about the qualifiers for the Semis

    It's good for cricket and also good for the sinking ship of 50 overs game

    Source(s): 50 overs game must survive...
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    No,Not at all.I have never considered the Kiwis & the English has the minnows.Remember,Kiwis did knock India out in the Champions Trophy 2000 finals.Kiwis have even made it into the semi-finals of WC 5 times where English have made it to the finals of WC 3 times,& u r calling these teams as minnows-lol!

    Its only that those teams were out of form nowadays.If teams like WI,Bangladesh or Ireland or any other had done this,then I would had agreed.


    You are looking at it.

  • Anonymous
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    The so called minnow NZ humiliated India in a practice game. So why they can't beat SL? (India is lot better side then PK and SL on Paper and rankings)

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    No way, I knew that New Zealand will win cuz they had more time to prepare than Sri Lanka n plus Sri lanka got overconfident after they won against SA. But England did surprise me.

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    Not at all. If NZ can crush India world Number 3 like they did in Practice game then why not World number 5 team"Sirilanka" ?

    Source(s): cricinfo icc ranking at 27/09/09
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    No. Not really. They are a good team. I had hoped for this. It will still not end the jeers though.

    As for Eng, I predicted it. Was proved right.

    We cannot explain cricket. It is extremely unpredictable. I call it funny.

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    Don't forget about Windies, they almost chased down Australia's 275 the other day.

    These type of tournaments always bring out the best of every team.

  • Yeah New Zealand has really surprised everyone.

    After today's defeat Lanka will almost be out of CT.

    So it is surprising.

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    dont know where are the coming today :D .. may be they listen the advice of Kristen ... haahaahha

    by the way this look end of Srilanka run in CT..

    CQ- This is the turn of Indian Users hahhahah be prepare :D

    Source(s): kashikooler979.brain
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