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please help before my own parents fry me for there own mistakes?

I’m 24 years old, happily married with a 7 month old daughter and have been in the military over 6 years. I'm having some major issue with my own parents and in not sure what to do. I thought that they support me but I’m not sure that they do. My dad is 72 years old and has been married 3 times with 3 other kid, 2 are no longer living and one has nothing to do with him he has been married to my mom for 25 years and she is 48 years old. Crazy I know. My mom only has one child which is me. september 2006 my parents was force to move from where they rented and didn't have a place to go so I got them a $7300 loan so they bought them a nice travel trailer and move into a park. They agree to pay the loan back of $200 a month until paid off. I meet my wife though MySpace November 2006. After talking with her for two days online we meet and hit off from there. I knew she was going through a nasty divorce and had just been medically discharge from the army. Just after Christmas of 06 my parents can to visit me and I introduce her to them. My dad seems to have pushed the button on her when he found out she only had a geed, getting a divorce and then told me how I could be with someone that couldn't bare him a grandchild. Even though my dad has 3 grandkids. My wife was told by the doctors that she may never get pregnant due to some female issue. I knew that and it never bother me. Well after they left, in January 07 my wife started school to be nurse and still work a night job full time. I had a misunderstanding with my roommate and his fiancée and I move out. I move in with my girlfriend now wife, about 3 and half months after meeting her. Everything seems to be going great with us. My dad didn't like her at all. He keeps calling me every day like 5 times a day wondering what I was doing and I try to stop him. If I didn't answer he would call my command and ask for me, even call like 7 am on weekends. In June 07 I was up for reenlistment and he did his best to change my mind about it and to come home and get a job (home is Alabama) and I was in Virginia. and leave my girlfriend alone. I reenlisted in the navy. After about 2 month he finally stops calling me daily and it was like once a week thing. Whoever calls first? I though even thing was good with him. when I call him in august of 2007 for his advice about asking her to marry me he try his best to tell me to wait until I was done with my 7 month deployment which was starting until September 08. Just after Christmas of 07 we went to Alabama to see my parents. Everything seem ok I though. In March of 08 I need a little help with some money so I called them up and he go piss and said that why couldn't my fiancée pay for it. I only need like $200 dollars. I was having issue with a cable company so I had a unexpected bill hit me that had to be pay on the spot and with my wife in school and working part time I need some help they help but he was mad at me. In May 08 my wife and I got married. he was so mad about it he called her parents at 3 pm which is 3am for them since that own a night cleaning business and told her dad to stop us or else. In June my wife and I found out that she was pregnant. July my half sister died at 35 years old. My wife and I went home for the funeral and stay with my granddad for 3 days while there. My parents were mad that I didn't stay with them and I had to tell them how could we stay in a travel trailer with 4 people and my wife was Prego. So we stay with my granddad that has a nice place with a room for us. I left for deployment in September 2008. In the 7th month I was gone I email my parents once a day and my wife whenever I could. In October I found out that my parents miss 2 payments on their loan I have for them and the money for my truck paid for that loan which was almost $700. They fixed it but said they didn't see where they needed to. Then in December they started paying the loan late and having excuse like the bank mess up there account or they had someone steal money from their account yet they never change their bank info. When I got home in April I came home to not just a wife but a month and a half old little girl. My dad calls me and wonder why I wasn't calling them and he said what is your wife not letting you call. I was like no I have a family and would like to spend some time with them. I was getting ready to relocated to Maine on orders and ask my parents to come see me and see their granddaughter before I left since I didn't know when I could go back to Alabama. When they go there that when all hell broke loose. I ask my dad to take his hat off when he came in my house and he got so piss that the almost left my house. After mom got him to stay we talk for a few. And when the baby took a nap I ask him what he problem was with my wife. He then went on the say that she was no good, that she should stay at home and not work, that she couldn't work and raise a child. Even told me that I would never amount to anything n

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    At this point in your life, your focus should be on your wife and children. Go on to Maine and enjoy it.

    You need to stop "sitting next to his chair like a puppy with your tongue hanging out waiting for him to throw you a bone." It ain't gonna happen.

    You are a grown man. You know what he is like. Quit asking for his approval and get on with life.

    And stop lending him money.

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    Well isn't that a pot calling the kettle black situation. Gezz, your father needs to look at his own life and stop judging your wife. All you're doing is working and trying to start a family and all your father is doing is trying to take that away from you. Has he always been this way, meaning has he always looked down upon your accomplishments?

    If not, maybe he really just doesn't like your wife...which isn't that big of a deal, humans aren't made to love everyone they meet.

    What your responsibilities are is just making sure that your dad pays off the loan he committed to, and that that he realizes that you are an adult now and are trying to raise a family. You are his son, he should respect you..not try and demolish all the things that you're doing right.

    Thank you for fighting with our country, talk to your dad..I hope things turn out well.

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    Your dad is an a$$hole. Stop helping him with loans. Change your phone number. Move, and don't tell him where to.

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    You're an adult now. Get over it.

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