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Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge?

Does anyone here agree with me that Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge look extremely alike?! When I first saw a picture of them together I thought that Tom was Rob's brother or something then I found out they were only friends! So yeah I was just wondering if anyone thinks the same???


I actually agree, I think Sturridge is sexier ;)

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    Yeahh i just googled tom sturridge cuz i didnt no him yeah and him a girl and robert pattinson came up they look the same,, But Robert Pattinson Defo i Just Am Addicted To Him But If you said jacob the were wolf in twilight, or tom i'd say tom

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    Same Here!!!

    I thought they were related,

    Both rather sexy, I think Sturridge is slightly better, though I'm probably the only one who would think that.

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