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Muslims, Christians and Jews pls answer?

Im not gay/bi but it the 3 main religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism they are against Gays' and according in their religion people like that are sent to hell and can be punished in this life to by their laws. I've did a bit of research and it says a persons sexuality is based on genes so there fore they can not help it. So my question is if those religion see this life as a test and since a gay/bi person can not help being that way because its based on Genes, then that would mean that they are going to hell even before they have had a chance to prove them selves worthy of heaven. But before any of you say they have to control their desire or suck it up and just marry a women i could only imagine them to have sex with a women would be just like us straight people to have it with the same gender.

in case your wondering i ask this question because i am an Atheist and am trying to see the ethical side in this.


lol adam and eve are myths.

and im not saying that homo-sexuality does'nt cause disease im saying if its based on genes do they really deserved to be punish.

for some reason people in R&S seem to have trouble understanding questions that challenge faith and always seem to trail of the question.

Update 2:

chuck u seem to think that i have a problem with myself being homo but i said i asked this question as a Atheist to see the ethics in religion.

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    Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy which seeks to address questions about morality.

    A Muslim, Christian, Jew & Atheist can not have a discussion on ethics b/c they do not share common philosophies.

    As a Christian, there is no way I can give you any Scriptural information that will seem ethical to you. -- Yes, we can agree on common Earthly morals. But it's impossible to discuss spiritual matters with a non-spiritual person. At least not to any degree of satisfaction by either party.

    That said. Don't take the arguments you may have heard about Christianity out of context. (If you are referring to 1 Corinthians 6) Note that the abstract concept of "homosexuality" is linked as being the same as "coveting." Coveting is desiring something that you are not meant to have at this time. Do you have any idea how many MORE Muslim, Christians & Jews together are more guilty of this than the entire global community of homosexuals?!

    I agree with a previous answer. The point of Scripture is about Salvation.

    Everything listed as a sin is NATURAL behavior. What Scripture tries to help us all see & do is to rise above our natural instincts in the here & now so that we may be perfected in the super-NATURAL. Aspiring to be spiritual beings.

    Don't focus on one aspect of what is being taught. I am a 7th day Sabbath keeper. (Not a 7th Day Adventist) But this is not my RELIGION. I don't need to focus on this ONE commandment, nor should I or I will miss the message of love & grace. I don't even keep the Sabbath correctly. Nor can I in this life. (There's a lot of rules. I will never be able to keep them 100%, 100% of the time.) But it does not mean that I can not strive b/c in doing so this deepens my relation with my Creator.

    As an Atheist, it's not possible to desire a deeper relationship with your Creator b/c you believe/know that you have no Creator. Therefore all of the messages in Scripture will be nonsense to you.

    Punishment is reserved for those whom know/knew the Creator God and denied Him. I don't think that you fall into this category (yet). Read The Book. Everyone gets their fair chance. Our human version of "fair" is not on the same scale as G-d the Creator. We seem to think it's if we passed by a street preacher yelling "REPENT" and we didn't, then we lost our chance. That's not LOVE from an all-loving G-d. B/C I can beat that type of love as an human parent. When I tell my child to apologize, even I know they will not do it on the 1st request if they are mad enough.

    The love for you from your Creator transcends the greatest love you can ever know on this Earth from other humans. If you're not feeling the love from any religious sect, then G-d's not behind whomever is talking to you. G-d has a way of correcting & reprimanding those He loves in a way that POURS love all over you. It's overwhelming that you can be corrected & feel so loved at the same time. If that has not come your way, then it's my opinion that you have not been given your "fair" chance yet. Don't let the "homosexual" thing get in the way of receiving that love.

    "Sin" literally means "to miss the mark." At my age, I'll bet I've got you beat on that scale way more than you could imagine. But I'm not focussed on that. Keeping an eye on my sins, keep my eyes off of G-d.

    It's good to look at what is holding you back, but only to make corrections to advance on your course. I think all faiths can agree to that.

    If you ever decide to seek Him, do it while He may still be found. You don't even have to change your life to go looking. (That's His job.)

    One day you may decide to live your life AS IF there were an all loving being that cared about you more than His own life. No dogma. No organized religion. Just a personal relationship where you love b/c you were first loved. THEN you can ask Him directly about how to live your life. A lot of those answers will be found in Scripture, BUT not until it's time for your eyes to be opened to each new thing. So if something doesn't make sense, ask about it & keep asking. When it's important enough for you to understand & follow, then it will be made known to you.

    Forget about these nit-picking debates. They will only annoy you further.

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    This is a very good question. It is fascinating to compare ethics in the various human religions.

    According to Jewish teachings, homosexual acts are wrong simply because the Torah says they are wrong, and not because they are an aberration or sickness. Sexuality as a whole is instinctive, and both heterosexuality and homosexuality are natural. Then why does G-d say that heterosexual love is holy and homosexual love is an abomination?

    Heterosexual love is the way the human race propagates itself. G-d demands that we regulate our sexual activity so that we will lead happier lives and fulfill our commitments to our communities.

    The Torah is against homosexual acts, not homosexual people. Judaism and G-d love all people. The Torah also calls eating non-kosher food 'to'evah', an abomination. The word 'to'evah' in the Torah does not depict a social repulsion.

    I hope this answer clears things up for you in regard to the Jewish view on homsexuality, Jason T.

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    You say, "I've did a bit of research and it says a persons sexuality is based on genes so there fore they can not help it."

    There is NO evidence to prove that statement.

    Christianity does not believe life is a "test".

    The bible says, "All sin and fall short of the glory of God". So Everyone sins, the gay, straight, young old. We ALL are sinners and in need of a savior. If a homosexual accepts and follows Jesus they too will be saved.

    My sin is no better than a homosexuals. I do not judge them.

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    actually the christian religion teaches that he who is without sin is to cast the first stone.and to love thy neighbor as also says we are not supposed to worry about how much our boss is even paying the other workers,as a relation to how we should not worry about what spiritual "wages"others are earning.

    but consider this.if our sexuality is predetermined by our genes,then gay peoples genes must be telling them they shouldnt have kids(natural selection)so they are admitting they are lesser than heterosexuals.i personally dont think they are,and actually find most of them to be delightful people.and ironically they seem to have a certain innocence.but if you follow that idea through,they think it of themselves,or are unaware of what caused their attraction.

    but there is no way for anyone to say what attractions someone else is born with.for all you "christians" know,homosexuality is the "sin" they were born with as every man is born in sin,and are unable follow gods law.

    do you overcome the sin that you personally were born with?you know the one.and i know the one.everyone knows what your sins are.especially the gay community.

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    You are basing your question on a false premise. Not all Christians condemn gay people. Some are required to use their God-given sense of reason and know that gay people are NOT making a choice.

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    According to islam - No. Wedding rings are not really established in our customs - although many muslims do wear one. Its strange that you are asking all types of people. If there is only one truth then how can you ask a mix of truth and falsehood. How do you know which one will be the truthful answer? You can only do that by exploring which religion speaks the truth. I advise you to seek the truth

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    based on the same kind of research that changes its statement every few years !

    And based on the same research that is funded by media, pharmacies, government agendas !!!

    The same research that believed till 1930 that MI cases are due to clotting. Then by 1950s they overnight developed the belief that they are due to cholestrol. And yet are turning a blind eye to the fact that Eskimos don't have any cardiac problems even though they have the highest cholestrol running in their bloods !!

    hmm !!!

    You need to check ur own mental condition with some similar research !

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    ok here is what i got.

    it is NOT based on genes. it is only based on gene 25% the rest is based on thoughts and society and environment.

    and if you see the history of islam people suffered like hell. they didnt had sex for like a whole year or something. and people cant even change there sexuality? believe me it is not hard to do.

    god dose not give you more burden than you can bear. it is only your thoughts.

    believe me if you come to my country (pakistan) you wont find anyone gay. you will only find bi. and they are only the most vulgar people (and majority) cuz they dont give a damn who they bang.

    and if i think it aint that hard for me to marry a man. if my religion and society dose not come in way. but that dose not change the fact that i dont want to. and i never will even if i can.

    in short they can stop being gay. it is not that hard. they just need psychological help

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    Yes, they may be born that way, but remember we were also born sinful. Man by nature is imperfect. Man has the tendency to kill, steal, hate, cheat, curse, gossip,...etc. However, we shouldn't use such as an excuse to remain bad, rather we should strive our best to live a good moral life.

    So, an homosexual individual should not just remain that way because he was born that way.

    I hope this helps.


    I don't understand, that's wasn't what I meant

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    All these Bibles,Torahs, Korans etc were written by man in backward and extremely intolerent times and reflect the thinking of the times,not the thinking of a 'god'. If someone wrote books like them today they'd be locked up. If this "God' is so good how come he can't love his flock despite the 'flaws' he/she/it pre-programmed them with?

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